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 Past Medicaid Eligibility

 Current Medicaid Eligibility

 Aged, Blind or Disabled eligibility criteria

 No need to be Aged, Blind or Disabled
 Parents or caretakers with minor children  No need to have responsibility for minor children
 Pregnancy was an eligibility criteria  Pregnancy is no longer an eligibility criteria
 If you did not meet any criteria above, you needed to be between ages of 19 and 21  You may be eligible if you are between 19 and 64
 You needed to have a household income at or below 90% of Federal Poverty Level  Must have a household income at or below 133% of Federal Poverty Level


This table shows what 133% of the Federal Poverty Level in 2023 looks like:

 Household Size 133% of FPL (Monthly)
 1 $1,507
 2 $2,030
 3 $2,553
 4 $3,076
 5 $3,599
 6 $4,122
 7 $4,646
 8 $5,169
 9 $5,692
 10 $6,215
 11 $6,738
 12 $7,261


How can Montgomery County residents apply for Medicaid?

  • The easiest way to apply is from a home computer or from your local library by going to the Self Service Portal. Learn how to use the Self Service Portal by clicking here
  • Computers and assistance are available in the Resource Room of The Job Center, 1111 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd. in Dayton.
  • By phone –  1 (844) 640-6446 is the County Share Services line. You can also reach out to the statewide application line at 1 (800) 324-8680.
  • In person or by fax – Find applications at Apply at The Job Center, Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton or Medicaid participating hospitals. Fax applications to (937) 496-6654.

How do I know the next steps?

A “notice of action” will be generated when an application has been successfully processed. This notice will arrive by mail or by email, letting the applicant know which caseworker has been assigned to them and when they can expect further action. If the applicant does not provide enough information, the caseworker will provide them with a “to do” list of needed verifications.

Where can I call for questions?

Reach our Call Center at (937) 225-4148 or our toll-free ACA Answer Line (855) 358-0204.

Other Resources

If I am already receiving Medicaid, should I re-apply now using the new system to get more benefits under the Affordable Care Act?

No. You should follow the re-application timing you received when you were granted benefits. It is important to know that there are no new benefits associated with Medicaid under ACA.

Those who do not qualify for Medicaid will be directed to the The Health Insurance Marketplace at There they can consider other health plan options so they can comply with ACA and avoid an income tax penalty.