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Child Care

Child Care Services Can Help You Find Safe, Affordable Child Care

Choosing child care services can be one of the toughest decisions for young parents. Is the provider trustworthy? Is it affordable, and is it a safe environment?

It’s important to find a good place to care for your children while you are at work or school. Montgomery County Job and Family Services is ready to assist you with this significant task so you can focus on becoming self-sufficient. We can help you find a star-rated child care center in your area. We can also assist eligible families by paying part of the cost, whether you choose a child care center or a licensed home provider.

Our Services

  • Child care provider referrals
  • Facilitate licensing of home providers
  • Financial help for eligible parents or caregivers

Parents or caregivers who are working or going to school may qualify for child care payments to cover part of the cost if they meet income guidelines. You must make no more than 125% of the Federal Poverty Level when you first apply.  You only need to re-apply once a year, and you may continue to be eligible for subsidized child care until your income exceeds 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

This chart illustrates 125% (gross income, not take-home) of Federal Poverty Level:

Family Size

Maximum Gross Monthly Income











Documentation Needed

  • Income verification for last 30 days and/or employer letter
  • Driver’s license or state ID*
  • Verification of school attendance (if appropriate)
  • Copies of children’s birth certificates and social security cards *

*If you are receiving Ohio Works First cash assistance, there is no need for these verifications.

Apply online at You can also print an application from this link, and apply in person at The Job Center, 1111 Edwin Moses Blvd., Dayton. For more information, call (937) 225-4148.