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The 12th annual Montgomery County Food Summit is on Nov. 10, 2022, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Sinclair Community College's Great Hall. This year's theme is: "Beyond the Plate – Celebrating Cultures in the Kitchen." 

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Do you know someone in the food community who deserves to be recognized for their amazing efforts in bridging the gap between food and equity? 

Nominate that hero HERE!

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Thursday, November 18, 2021
8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
- Virtual Zoom Event -
Registration is FREE, but required.

Join us at the Food Summit to learn who our 2021 Montgomery County Food Champions are!


2020 Food Summit Logo
10th Annual Montgomery County Food Summit: "Bytes of Connectivity"

Friday, October 16, 2020 (9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)

Visit our new home on the web to view a recording of the Summit. 

Also, take a moment to check out the PowerPoints:

- Haley Carretta, Public Healthy Dayton & Montgomery County: Food Equity Coalition
- Lela Klein, Gem City Market: Gem City Market Update
- Gary Pavlofsky, Premier ProduceOne: Premier ProduceOne
- James Hoffer, The Foodbank, Inc.: The Dayton Foodbank's Compost Facility
- Lyda Garcia & Ben Brown, The Ohio State University: Farm Supply Changes Due to the Pandemic
- 2020 Montgomery County Food Champions

9th Annual Montgomery County Food Summit

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Montgomery County Food Equity CoalitionLocation: Sinclair Community College
Theme: Bringing Solutions to the Table

Montgomery County Food Equity Plan

Food Systems Video

PowerPoints from the 9th Annual Montgomery County Food Summit:

Food Insecurity

Strong Communities

Sustainable Ecosystems

Healthy People

Vibrant Farms

Thriving Local Economies


8th Annual Montgomery County Food Summit

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018
LocationSalvation Army Dayton Kroc Center
ThemeFrom Farm to Fork: Growing a Stronger Food System
Judy and Michelle
Montgomery County will fund a new truck for The Foodbank to battle local hunger

Read the full event agenda here

Presentations in Health | Hunger | Equity, Moderated by Maleka James, PHDMC
       -     Anthony Goodwin, ProMedica Toledo
       -     Gina McFarlane-El, Five Rivers Health Centers
       -     Rachel Riddiford, Dayton Children's Hospital

Presentation by our Keynote Speaker, moderated by Brian Raison, OSU Extension 
Nancy Williams, No More Empty Pots

Presentation in Planning | Growth | Economy, with Ben Jackle and John Jones; moderated by Jon White, City of Dayton
       -     John Jones, Urban Food System Researcher

For those of you interested in learning more about the Racial Wealth Gap Simulation, this policy packet provides more details about the 13 policies covered in the exercise. Visit Bread for the World for more information and ways to use this simulation in your own organization.


                                                       2014 Food Summit (5)



2017 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Harvesting Community Insights
Location: Dayton Metro Library, Downtown Branch
Attendance: 170     
Wrap-up news release
A quick look at the highlights of the 2017 Food Summit

Presentations in Eichelberger Forum

Presentations by:

  1. East End Food Access and Resiliency Enterprise  -  Danielle Weickert
  2. West Dayton Food Access Collective Impact Project  - Clayton Genth
  3. Gem City Market  -  Lela Klein
  4. The Foodbank Strategic Plan – Michelle Riley
  5. Columbus/Franklin County Food Plan  - Brian Estabrook and Jalisa Dawkins
  6. Local Producers  - Felix Fernando

 Suzy DeYoung LaSoup Commissioner Dodge Lisa Hamler-Fugitt

Here is the link to view the executive summary and the full plan: .

Presentations in the Community Room

Presentations by:

  1. Lincoln Hill Garden Project  - Don Pair, Stephen Miller, and Kate Ervin
Presented by Glennon Sweeney, Kirwan Institute

2016 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Hungry for Change: The Economic Impacts of Hunger and Local Food
Top of the Market
Attendance: 180


  1. Homefull - Jimmy Ryan
  2. Foodbank - Lora Davenport
  3. GDUCI Grocery Coop - Matt Currie
  4. Health Implications of Living in a Food Desert - Emilie Westcott & Becky Gonter-Dray, Dayton Children's Hospital
Food Waste Recovery Programs:

  1. Got Veggies - Clayton Mathile, Evan Eichenauer, Sarah Hartley, Katie Kohnen
  2. Food Waste Campaign - Mary Sue Gmeiner
  3. Compost Dayton - David Weickert
  4. House of Bread - Melodie Bennett
  5. Public Health Updates - Robert Harrison and Cheryl Scroggins
  6. What do those food labels mean? - Dan Remley
  7. Local Food & Hunger Systems Interconnectivity - Kelly Bohrer, Diana Cuy Castellanos, Jeanne Holcomb, University of Dayton
  8. How Hospital Systems Can Combat Hunger Issues - Shaun Hamilton, Premier Health
  9. Five Rivers MetroParks City Beets - Luci Beachdell, Five Rivers MetroParks
  10. The Economics of Gardening - Luci Beachdell, Five Rivers MetroParks & Teri Schoch, Partners for the Environment
  11. Funding - Tony Logan, USDA

2015 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Feeding Our Community: Hunger and the Local Food System
Location: Top of the Market
Attendance: 225


  1. Collaborating for Clients - Michelle Riley and Lizz Kelly
  2. Opportunity Mapping - Dawn Ebron
  3. Equitable Civic Engagement to Expand Access to Healthy Foods - Kip Holley
  4. Food Waste - PBS Food Series
  5. The Face of Childhood Hunger in Southwest Ohio - Maria Santiago and Tom Saunders
  6. Greater Dayton Union Food Cooperative Initiative - Erica Bruton
  7. The Market @ Wright Stop Plaza - Jimmy Ryan
  8. The Perspective of Value: Food Waste in the Desert - Barb Asberry
  9. Nudging Fruits and Vegetables through the School Lunch Program - Marietta Orlowski and Judi Hunter
  10. Zoning Ordinances and Local Food - Matthew Currie
  11. The Urban Renewal Farm (TURF) - Jim Wellman
  12. Propolis Project - Dwight Wells
  13. Funding Resources:  Federal, State, Local & Free! - Tony Logan
  14. USDA Handout 1
  15. USDA Handout 2
  16. Bringing Food Where Hunger Lives - Lizz Kelly

2014 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Theme: Connecting Producers to Consumers... from our farms to our tables
Location: UD River Campus, Meyer Room
Attendance: 200

                                                                                        2014 Food Summit (6)


  1. Mile Creek Farm - Ben Jackle
  2. A Study in Ohio's Hospitals and Their Use of Local Foods - Brian Raison, OSU Extension
  3. Shiloh Market (Dayton) - Zella Cook
  4. Findlay Market (Cincinnati) - Karen Kahle
  5. Weinland Park Food District (Columbus) - Brian Williams, MORPC
  6. EBT Connection - Christie Welch, The Ohio State University
  7. The Detroit Eastern Market - Dan Carmody
  8. Dorothy Lane Market - Dennis Chrisman
  9. Patchwork Gardens - George Mertz
  10. Our Harvest Cooperative - Kristin Gangwer
  11. Mission of Mary - Stephen Mackell
  12. Champaign County Virtual Farmers Market - Pam Bowshier & Mark Runyan

2013 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

The Positive Impact of Local Food in our Community
Location: UD River Campus, Meyer Room
Attendance: 180


  1. Grow Food Grow Hope - Anthony Staubach
  2. Fiver Rivers MetroParks Farmers Market - Bethany Ramsey
  3. OSU Extension, Miami County - Brian Raison
  4. Aullwood Audubon Center & Farm - Charity Krueger
  5. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - J. Anthony Logan
  6. Valley View School - Kevin Philips
  7. Olive, An Urban Dive - Kimberly Colette
  8. B-W Greenways - Sherry Chen
  9. OSU Extension - Suzanne Mills - Wazniak
  10. Synergy Incubators - Tonia Fish

2011 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Theme: Children’s Health and Nutrition
Location: Salvation Army Kroc Center
Attendance: 160

2010 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Theme: Food Security and Access
Location: Sinclair Conference Center, Charity Early Auditorium
Attendance: 140