First Solar Co-Op Opens to Miami Valley Businesses & Nonprofits

DAYTON, OH (May 4, 2023) Montgomery County and the city of Dayton are working to help local businesses and nonprofits go solar.

On Thursday, they announced the launch of the Miami Valley Businesses and Nonprofits Solar Co-Op through Solar United Neighbors (SUN).

"This Solar Co-Op is essential to providing renewable energy throughout the Miami Valley," said Montgomery County Commission President Debbie Lieberman.

The co-op helps members navigate the solar panel purchasing process and educates them on various incentives available.

"Working with Solar United Neighbors increases our resources and knowledge and provides our businesses and organizations with solar solutions they can afford,” said Commissioner Judy Dodge.

Those who join select a single company to complete all the installations. Members then purchase panels individually but at the installer's group rate, allowing them to buy in bulk and save money.

"I have solar panels at home and have had great results," said Commissioner Carolyn Rice. "By going solar, businesses and nonprofits could also see substantial savings in their electrical bills and know they're helping the environment."

The County and city of Dayton partnered to hire SUN to manage the co-op for $25,000. Other partners include the University of Dayton Hanley Sustainability Institute Industrial Assessment Center, RE-VOLV, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC), among others.

"This initiative by Solar United Neighbors is a dramatic effort to fulfill a long-standing need for collective action by businesses and non-profits to increase the availability of solar installations," said Dayton Mayor Jeffrey Mims. "The Dayton region is fortunate to have this initiative and its resources, and we are happy to support these efforts. Together we can make a big difference in creating equal access to the benefits of clean energy."

SUN is a nonprofit organization that provides resources on solar benefits and helps organize group solar installations all over the United States. It has completed 38 solar co-ops across Ohio and installed solar panels for more than 600 homes and businesses.

"I am excited to work with Miami Valley businesses and nonprofits to educate them about the benefits of solar energy," said Mryia Williams with SUN. "If you've ever thought about going solar, this is the perfect opportunity."

Those interested in joining the Miami Valley Businesses and Nonprofits Solar Co-Op can sign up at It’s free, and members are not committed to purchasing solar panels. The deadline to join is Sept. 30.

Dayton Regional Green is also rolling out two new Bring Your Green Public Challenges to promote sustainability. The Promise Garden Challenge encourages nature-inspired yards that help restore our ecosystems. Residents can also participate in the Small Acts Challenge, which inspires simple everyday actions to reduce individuals’ carbon footprint and calculates their impact through a gamified online platform.

To learn more about the Bring Your Green Challenge and to join the competition, visit