Residential water disruptions to follow main break in Miami Township

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (March 27, 2023) -- Residents will see the impact of a water main break at the intersection of Lehigh Place and Lamme Road in Miami Township. At the time of this media release, residents do have water, but Montgomery County Environmental Services will begin to prepare the area for construction early Wednesday morning, which will include shutting water service down at approximately 5 a.m. for nearly the entire day. Water service is expected to be returned Wednesday evening, but residents in the red areas will be under a boil advisory for at least 24 hours after water pressure is returned. During this time, residents in the orange area may see discolored water. We encourage residents to do laundry and bathe on Tuesday. If you decide to do laundry after the water is restored Wednesday evening, please check your water for clarity as to avoid discoloring your wash. We expect that water pressure and safety will be returned to normal by Friday. While under a boil advisory, residents are asked to boil their water at a rolling boil for three minutes. Please discard any ice that is made from Tuesday, until the time the boil advisory is lifted. Please see the attached boundary map to see the residents impacted by this project. Red areas indicate an outage during repair. The orange area indicates residents who may see a discoloration in their water.

The residential addresses that are considered an “outage during repair” by Wednesday’s shut off are:
  • 2449 RULLA CT
  • 2448 RULLA CT
  • 2437 RULLA CT
  • 2436 RULLA CT
  • 2424 RULLA CT
  • 2423 RULLA CT
  • 2410 RULLA CT
  • 4762 LAMME RD
  • 4750 LAMME RD
  • 4732 LAMME RD
  • 4718 LAMME RD
  • 4706 LAMME RD
  • 4640 LAMME RD
  • 4627 LAMME RD
  • 4624 LAMME RD
  • 4617 LAMME RD
  • 4606 LAMME RD
  • 4597 LAMME RD
  • 1989 BURNHAM LN
  • 1976 BURNHAM LN
  • 1975 BURNHAM LN
  • 1964 BURNHAM LN
  • 1950 BURNHAM LN
  • 1928 BURNHAM LN
  • 2298 LEHIGH PL
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