Human Services Planning & Development Receives Collaborative Impact Award

The Montgomery County Human Services Planning and Development Department was recently honored with the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area’s 2015 Collaborative Impact Award.  The award recognizes “a group or organization who works collaboratively with others to find innovative ways to support our community.”

“Collaboration has and always will be a key part of Montgomery County’s efforts to effectively and efficiently deliver critical services to our citizens,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge.  “We recognize the value our partners bring to developing solutions around challenges in our community.”

HSPD is currently working with the Montgomery County Family and Children First Council, UWGD and numerous community partners to conduct a Strategic Planning process to guide priorities over the next three to five years.  The three focus areas are: Health & Safety, Education & Life Skills, and Income & Stability.


HSPD’s role is to work with stakeholders (community volunteers, public and private agencies, funders, individuals, families and children, clients and caregivers, etc.) to ensure that the most effective health and human services are available to Montgomery County residents. HSPD provides the professional staffing and resources to support the Family and Children First Council, the Human Services Levy Council, the Homeless Solutions Policy Board, the Ex-Offender Reentry Policy Board and all related committees, as well as other human services-related assignments on behalf of the County Commissioners. HSPD also manages the liaison relationships with public, private and community-based human services agencies, and non-profit contracting for the Board of County Commissioners. HSPD facilitates and implements the development of public policy to guide the funding of health and human services. These responsibilities include research, identification/examination of needs and priorities, technical assistance, planning, resource and program development, monitoring/evaluation of programs, evaluation of outcomes/results, grant/contract management and reporting, and other administrative guidance and support of work products, initiatives and projects.


The Collaborative Impact Award was announced at the United Way’s Annual Big Thanks Meeting on April 12, 2016.