Portions of Mad River, Alex Bell Roads to Close For Washington Township Roundabout Project

Montgomery County Engineer Paul Gruner announced today that beginning on Monday, April 18, work will begin on a $967,000 project to reconstruct the intersection of Mad River Road and Alex Bell Road into a modern roundabout.

The new design will improve traffic operations and safety at the intersection, reduce congestion, and reduce travel times between destinations in West Carrollton, Moraine, Kettering, Centerville and Miami Township.

The Washington Township roundabout will improve the level of service (LOS) during peak times from the existing LOS of F to a LOS of A. This will save time, save fuel consumption, and reduce air pollution. In addition, roundabouts on average reduce total crashes by 35%, injuries by 76% and fatalities by 90%.

To enhance the aesthetics of the community, project landscape architects from the design consultant, American Structurepoint, developed a plan for landscaping the roundabout. The plan includes over 800 perennials, 130 deciduous shrubs, 190 evergreen shrubs, and six sweetbay magnolia trees at the intersection. Significant public input contributed to project design.

The existing four-way stop has two streetlights. A total of eight new streetlights will be installed to improve safety -- four at the new roundabout and one on each approach leg.

It is impractical to build the roundabout while traffic is maintained through the intersection, so both Mad River Road and Alex Bell Road will be closed at the intersection beginning on Monday, April 18, 2022.

A closure period of four months is necessary for both relocation of existing utilities and construction of the new roundabout. A longer closure may be required if material, weather, or other unforeseen delays are encountered.

The following will be the posted detours:

ALEX BELL ROAD WESTBOUND: McEwen Road to SR 725 to SR 741 to Alex Bell Road.

ALEX BELL ROAD EASTBOUND: Munger Road to Mad River Road to Yankee Street to SR 725 to McEwen Road to Alex Bell Road.

MAD RIVER ROAD SOUTHBOUND: Whipp Road to Far Hills Avenue (SR 48) to Alex Bell Road to McEwen Road to SR 725 to Mad River Road.

MAD RIVER ROAD NORTHBOUND: Yankee Street to SR 725 to McEwen Road to Alex Bell Road to SR 48 to Whipp Road to Mad River Road.

Prior to opening the roundabout to traffic, the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office will provide additional information regarding roundabouts, including downloadable brochures and narrated PowerPoint presentations, on its website at https://engineer.mcohio.org.

Click on the images below for a larger version of each detour map.

Detour Map_Alex Bell Road_121621 (002)Detour Map_Mad River Road_121621