Unsheltered Homelessness Point-in-Time Count Set for Jan. 26

Montgomery County will join communities throughout Ohio for the Point-In-Time (PIT) Count on Wednesday, Jan. 26. The PIT Count gives community leaders an idea of how many people experience homelessness.

Throughout the early morning hours, volunteers will canvas known locations to understand how many individuals are impacted by unsheltered homelessness on that particular day. Six volunteer teams will gather at St. Vincent de Paul (124 W Apple St.) at 3:30 a.m. on Jan. 26 before dispersing.

“The first step in finding a solution is understanding the impact,” said Montgomery County Commission President Carolyn Rice. “Montgomery County participates in the Point-In-Time Count every year to quantify the issue in our community, assess our efforts and guide our strategy and resources toward ending homelessness.”

The 2021 PIT Count found that on that night, 478 individuals from 417 households were experiencing homelessness in Montgomery County.

The PIT Count seeks to include all individuals who resided in an emergency shelter or slept unsheltered in cars, wooded areas or abandoned buildings. Last year, 97% of counted individuals were sleeping in an emergency shelter such as Daybreak, Gettysburg Gateway for Men, Holt Street, St. Vincent Gateway Shelter for Women & Families, and YWCA Dayton Domestic Violence Shelter.

The Count also identifies individuals at the following meal and services sites: House of Bread, Life Enrichment Center, CityHeart and the Samaritan Health Center.

Final PIT Count numbers for 2022 will be released in March.