Montgomery County's AFSCME Employees Ratify Three-Year Contract

Members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) ratified a new agreement with the Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on Monday, Jan. 10, and was approved by the BCC today.

Montgomery County employs approximately 800 AFSCME members, and the three-year contract was approved by the union with a majority vote.

“AFSCME has been a long-time valued partner of Montgomery County,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice. “We are thankful to have a collaborative relationship with them that allows us to attract, maintain and appropriately compensate our employees who serve so many BCC areas.”

Highlights from the new contract include:

  • A 3% salary increase in 2022 and a $1,500 signing and retention incentive, with a 2% salary increase and $1,000 incentive in both 2023 and 2024.
  • Increased tuition reimbursement to match the same level of non-bargaining unit BCC employees.
    • Including Juneteenth as a paid holiday.

“This contract allows the BCC to provide incentives and additional compensation to employees, while still maintaining the integrity of its operations,” said County Administrator Michael Colbert. “Unit members also voted to abolish steps in the pay system in favor of an annual salary increase. This change will allow us to recruit experienced candidates by offering them starting compensation above the base rate.”

Prior to this contract, the County and AFSCME negotiated two separate contracts for full- and part-time employees. With one contract, the agreement represents union employees across various BCC areas: Job & Family Services, Administrative Services, Stillwater Center, Community & Economic Development, Building Inspection, Environmental Services, the Animal Resource Center, and others.

“Our unit members were able to ratify an incentive-filled, three-year agreement because of the open lines of communication with the County,” said Jeff Hasty, Montgomery County BCC AFSCME chair.

The agreement will be in effect through Dec. 31, 2024 with no reopeners.