Montgomery County focusing on people, infrastructure in 2022 budget

On Tuesday, Montgomery County’s Board of County Commissioners approved the 2022 budget, with focused investments in youth, social services, and infrastructure.

These investments continue to propel Montgomery County’s five-year strategic plan forward. (View the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan here.)

Strategic Initiatives

The budget includes $12.2 million in funding for the Commissioners’ initiatives, including $4 million for Preschool Promise, a program that works to ensure all children in the county are prepared for kindergarten. Education, or lack of education, in the pre-kindergarten years affects children for the rest of their lives. This investment is crucial in early childhood development.

Youth mentoring programs and the Employment Opportunity Center in west Dayton will be funded with a $2.3 million investment. The Male and Female Leadership Academies connect local teenagers (14-16) with mentors to build leadership skills. Those programs and job search and training are being housed at the county’s new Employment Opportunity Center at 4303 W. Third St. in Dayton.

Social Services

Montgomery County’s social services provide essential services to our residents and help them on a path to self-sufficiency. Social Services includes more than $280 million invested through the Human Services Planning and Development and Job and Family Services departments.


The county is investing $135 million into Environmental Services. This includes capital projects to improve the water and wastewater delivery systems, preparing those systems for a long future. More than $17 million will be invested through the County Engineer’s office for road and bridge projects across the county.

For more detail on the 2022 budget, view the briefing presentation here.