Montgomery County Receives Audit Report for 2020

Montgomery County received its official audit for 2020. Ohio Auditor of State, Keith Faber, released the findings Monday, Nov. 22, 2021. The 327-page document highlights select portions of the County’s operations and does not audit all cash flow streams. However, the Auditor of State found the programs that were inspected for the year 2020 were operated in compliance with all major federal programs.

“What this means for Montgomery County residents is that Auditor Faber and his team found no major discrepancies in our programs and internal controls,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “Our thanks go to Auditor of State Keith Faber and his team for providing us with this feedback.”

Major programs that were audited include the Social Services Block Grant, Child Support Enforcement, Highway Planning and Construction Cluster, and Coronavirus Relief Funds (CARES Act).

“To have a good end-of-year audit, especially when that year included the quick distribution of nearly $93-million in CARES Act funds, really speaks to the caliber of our employees and partners agencies that help us get support dollars to the people who need them the most,” said Montgomery County Administrator Michael Colbert. “The CARES Act distribution team, led by Marvene Mitchell-Cook, processed about 3,000 applications and they did the majority of that in about three months. That’s a lot to accomplish and a lot to be proud of.”

In all, Montgomery County distributed CARES Act funding to businesses, agencies and individuals to cover expenses incurred during COVID or salaries lost due to COVID. Funds were provided to families and individuals to assist with mortgage and rental payments, as well as gas and electricity payments. Programs were also developed to aid non-profits, small business owners, as well as those in education, agriculture, health care and child care who faced challenges due to the pandemic.

Besides CARES Act fund distribution, the Auditor also reviewed programs and services that normally receive a portion of the County’s annual budget. This included Human Services Levy funds and funds that support the Department of Job and Family Services.

Assistant County Administrator for Human Services, Tom Kelley, said he is proud of the accomplishments of his team. “The Human Services Division works hard to ensure we follow all State and Federal requirements,” said Kelley. “This audit is really a testament to the level of professionalism and attention to detail that our employees bring to work each day.”

“This audit lets the citizens we are charged with supporting know that we are utilizing our funding in the way it was intended,” said Colbert. “Are there some areas we can improve upon? Of course, and we have already began making significant strides to address the few deficiencies noted by the Auditor of State. But for a County of this size and the number of budget adjustments we had to make last year as a result of the pandemic, along with the institution of the CARES Act programs and the $92.8 million we needed to quickly distribute, I think we did a great job and I think our citizens should be proud of that.”

The final Auditor of State report can be found here: Report_FINAL.pdf

The Auditor of State’s letter to the Commissioners, County Auditor and County Treasurer, is located here: Report_FINAL.pdf