Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory adopts additional national standardization procedures

The Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science has designated the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory (MVRCL) as an implementer forensic laboratory. This means the MVRCL adopted approved standards for the analysis and comparison of forensic evidence, making the laboratory’s accountable to the public it serves to provide quality forensic science.

Only about 25 laboratories across the U.S. have received the OSAC implementer status. MVRCL is the only lab in Ohio to receive the designation. OSAC, led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), continues to promote standardization in forensic science which will bolster the public’s confidence in the work of the forensic science community.


“This OSAC implementer rating is important to us because it helps us communicate to our community that when the lab provides data that we’ve analyzed, we are providing results that are reliable and the science was based on best practices standardized by OSAC,” said Dr. Kent Harshbarger, Montgomery County Coroner. “The public can have confidence in the scientific analysis we present.”

The crime lab voluntarily adopted the industry-leading standards. Now that it is an implementer, the MVRCL can add applicable OSAC standards as they are reviewed for addition to the OSAC registry.

“The MVRCL provides excellent services to the community,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “It’s important to our citizens to know that the Crime Lab holds themselves accountable to quality standards above the minimum requirement. It provides peace of mind.”

MVRCL implemented the OSAC standards for the areas of biology/DNA, firearms and toolmarks, medicolegal death investigation, seized drugs, toxicology, trace evidence and interdisciplinary.

Currently, the lab has 30 employees, which includes 25 scientific analysts. They serve agencies in southern Ohio and the Dayton metro area. They have worked cases for 428 different agencies in Ohio and Indiana over the past 10 years.