The Supreme Court of Ohio awarded Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court with a $70,728.91 Technology Grant at the end of May. The Court applied for a grant to enhance Montgomery County’s eFiling system. While funds were awarded to Domestic Relations Court, resulting changes will also benefit Montgomery County General Division and Clerk of Courts.  Funds are ear-marked to create efficient, individualized eFiling platforms for the Courts without negatively impacting end users. 

The Domestic Relations Court will be utilizing eFiling for all case types later this year. As Domestic Relations has been developing their part of the system, it became apparent that the Court go beyond what the existing platform offers. With technological advancements of the past decade and an increasingly competitive market, more streamlined products are attainable. 


The Court applied for the grant striving for further development to enhance the existing system and create an individualized platform for the Court divisions. The independent platforms will still be housed in the same system but provide efficiencies in testing and change management, resulting in an on-going cost-savings for the County taxpayers. Presiding Judge Denise Cross commented: “Courts will develop their section of the system in response to user needs and legal changes, without being dependent upon a cumbersome approval process.” Frequent users, including attorneys and community partners, will continue to enjoy a unified experience, even if the Courts are developing their part of the system independently.

The Domestic Relations Court is currently finalizing the project’s statement of work and anticipates completion by June, 2022.