New Land Records System Saves Taxpayers Big Money

Montgomery County Recorder Brandon McClain released a new Land Record Management System called RISS (Recorder’s Information Search System) to replace the existing system known as “Resolution.”

Effective April 1st, 2021, RISS is the exclusive database for more than 253,000 parcels, and is searchable on the website.

The new system allows anyone with an internet connection to search public documents recorded in the Montgomery County Recorder’s Office. Generally, the most searched documents include: deeds, mortgages, releases, plats, easements and mechanics liens.

Under the direction of Recorder McClain, RISS was created in-house to replace Resolution in effort to save taxpayer dollars. In doing so, the Recorder’s Office will save nearly a ¼ million dollars in maintenance and support fees over the next four years.

The Recorder’s Office has paid COTT Systems (an outside vendor located in Columbus, Ohio) at least $60,000 per year for maintenance since 2011.

“Considering the fragile state of our economy, it is imperative we find cost-saving measures to allow resources to be returned to those who need them the most within our community. Our community and its needs are the primary driving force for this new system.” states McClain. “At times such as these, we must pull together to help those who cannot help themselves to ensure they survive the financial hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

For more information concerning this press release, contact Denise Gerhard at 937-224-3857.