Montgomery County CARES Act New Enrollment to Close

Montgomery County’s Office of CARES Act will be ending all grant programs in the next few weeks. No new programs will be added, and existing programs will stop accepting applications, some by Oct. 30, 2020, and other programs by Nov. 13, 2020.

Earlier this year, the county received $92.8 million in funds from the U.S. Treasury Department as part of the federal CARES Act for pandemic relief. After creating several grant programs to get this money into the community, the County’s portion is nearly exhausted.

Program deadlines are:

Oct. 30, 2020

Mortgage Assistance


Small Business





Nov. 13, 2020

Rental Assistance


“I’m thrilled that we will be able to distribute all of the money,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “When we first received the funds, we knew we could do a lot of good with it. And we have. We have helped more than 2,000 people, organizations, agencies, and local businesses. And we just started the CARES Act program for utilities, with a combined allocation of $10 million for DP&L and Vectren customers. Our eligible citizens need to ensure they apply for that immediately, before the Nov. 13 deadline.”

Because of the reduction in revenues due to the pandemic, $30 million was cut from the County’s General Fund in four phases. General Fund dollars are what is used for things like Economic Development programs, building renovations, and County hiring, all of which were either halted or greatly reduced.

“If Montgomery County were to continue processing applications and spend over our $92.8 million, the money to cover that overspending would have to come from our General Fund budget, which has already been greatly reduced this year. It’s imperative that we do not take any more money out of our General Fund,” said Montgomery County Administrator Michael Colbert.

The Office of CARES Act was established to disburse the CARES Act funds and the Office will be dissolved early next year once all data and audit information, is sent back to the Treasury Department.

After that, Director, Marvene Mitchell-Cook, will return to her role as Director of Workforce Development for Montgomery County.

 “I am incredibly grateful to my team who has worked so hard on getting these funds out to those who need it most,” Mitchell-Cook said. “They have received and processed nearly 3,000 applications. Even a little bit of financial help can make a big difference to the people of this County experiencing hardship due to the pandemic.”

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