Montgomery County Releases Annual Human Services Planning and Development Report

The Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners unveiled the 2019 Montgomery County Human Services Planning and Development Annual Report, which includes the Family and Children First Council Progress Report on community focus areas, indicators and initiatives. This report highlights the work the County has done to leverage funding from the state and federal government to provide vital social service programs for the community.

“Last year, the citizens of Montgomery County endured tragedies that no community should have to face, but we came together to meet those challenges. It’s no easy task and the road ahead is a long one, but we’re committed to restoring our community,” said Judy Dodge, Montgomery County Commission President. “In the face of adversity, our Human Services Planning and Development department, along with our network of service providers and non-profit organizations, has done a phenomenal job providing programs to help our citizens rebuild their lives.”

The report provides insight to a myriad of programs established to protect the County’s most vulnerable citizens, provide a social services safety net, and ensure a better quality of life for everyone.

Below are some highlights from the report:

  • Opened Reentry Training Center for citizens leaving incarceration and seeking to return to society and their families
  • More than 4,500 children attended Preschool Promise programs
  • The Community Overdose Action Team saw a dramatic 49% decrease in unintentional drug overdose deaths since the peak of the opioid crisis
  • EveryOne Reach One was awarded $3.6 million from the Ohio Department of Medicaid to reduce racial disparity in infant mortality
  • The Montgomery County Food Equity Coalition unveiled the Food Equity Plan at the 9th Annual Montgomery County Food Summit
  • More than 3,100 victims of domestic violence received appropriate information and referrals
  • Supported community programs that helped 136 people earn a certification in a trade program
  • More than 245,000 meals were delivered or served to senior citizens

“I can’t thank our community partners, volunteers, committee members and my team enough for the important work they do each day,” said Geraldine Pegues, Director of Montgomery County Human Services Planning and Development Department. “Whether directly or indirectly, we all benefit from these programs.”

View the full report on our website: 2019 Human Services Planning and Development Annual Report