Montgomery County Recorder Brandon McClain Encourages New Way to Safely Record Real Estate Documents

eRecording has allowed individuals, lending facilities, title companies and attorneys the opportunity to conveniently record their documents electronically from their homes and/or offices. This process offers customers the ability to simplify and accelerate all aspects of the recording process, dramatically shortening the process time and improving auditability. 

Montgomery County consists of approximately 260,000 parcels. Each time an owner of one of those parcels takes out a mortgage, refinances or pays off an existing mortgage, a new document is recorded. During the previous four months, the Recorder’s Office has recorded roughly 23,713 mortgages, 23,109 releases and 4,764 assignments.

Montgomery County Recorder Brandon McClain says the office has seen an increase in the recording of mortgages, releases and assignments due to the lower interest rate offered to homeowners. 

The convenience of eRecording reduces foot traffic coming in and out of the office by runners, title companies and delivery services thereby reducing the risk of potential exposure to COVID-19. Recorder McClain encourages all those recording mortgages, releases or assignments of mortgages, to use electronic filing. This service is available Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm EST.

“The safety of my staff and those we serve is my top priority. I also take pride in offering the best services available to our community. This process allows me to prioritize both,” said McClain.

To begin filing documents electronically with the Montgomery County Recorder’s Office, visit or call 1-800-460-5657 or 1-801-223-1031.