Statement from Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners Regarding Current Events

The Montgomery County Commissioners stand with the peaceful protesters across our community, Ohio, and the nation since the death of George Floyd on May 25.

The sad truth is that his horrific death is only one example of an all too common occurrence, one that has impacted our community directly – the death of black citizens at the hands of those who were sworn to protect them.

Racism and discrimination are real.  We have and we will continue to address these issues with all the tools and resources we have available.

We also know that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate negative impact on black people in our community.

This is inequality. This is injustice.

This is unacceptable.

We know that many of our fellow citizens are tired and angry. We are angry too. Despite this sadness and anger, we have also been heartened by the many diverse citizens who have protested or spoken out in support of social justice and reform.

Our community has been through so much in the past year, but we have all come together to meet those challenges. Now, we must continue to do so. Things will only change if we are all willing to work together and no one sits on the sidelines. This is everyone’s problem.

Our neighborhoods need continued reinvestment – better jobs, more opportunity, supportive services, and safe environments for our children. Montgomery County has empowered our adult workforce through job training programs. We have supported economic development projects in every neighborhood. We have provided for area youth through YouthWorks, our Male Leadership Academy and Preschool Promise. We’ve invested in our neighborhoods with the opening of the Ohio Business College and funding of Gem City Market, and we will be investing more in a new Westown Career and Innovation Center.

This is progress, but we must always strive to do more. We must ensure that all our citizens have access to equal opportunities. That everyone is treated fairly and compassionately. That our neighborhoods are safe.

We are committed to creating a community where everyone has the opportunity to live safe, healthy, and productive lives. That is our vision, and we are determined to make it a reality for all people in Montgomery County.

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