Montgomery County recognizes Animal Control Officers

As part of Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week across the country, Montgomery County leadership is expressing gratitude to our local animal care and control officers who spend each day protecting public health and local pets in our community, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our Animal Care and Control Officers devote their time to keep our public and our animals safe,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “They rescue animals from injury, disease, abuse, and starvation, and they protect and educate our citizens. They do it all with dedication and compassion. Thank you to all our officers for the work you do every day.”

The National Animal Care and Control Association designates the second full week of April to recognize officers for their service to their communities. Montgomery County’s Animal Care and Control Officers patrol the county, respond to calls from the public, and assist on police cases that involve animals.

“Our officers are our front line in the fight against animal cruelty, neglect, injury and abandonment,” said Animal Resource Center Director Robert Gruhl. “We are incredibly lucky to have a group of officers dedicated to animal welfare and public safety within our ranks.”

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