Montgomery County Unveils Five-Year Strategic Plan

The Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners launched the 2020-2024 Montgomery County Strategic Plan on Jan. 14, 2020. This five-year plan will target resources and implement programs to address five key strategic areas: (1) infrastructure & sustainability, (2) economic stability, (3) thriving youth, (3) community well-being, and (5) effective & efficient government.

“We are committed to making improvements that will positively impact the lives of our citizens, our businesses, and the environment,” said Judy Dodge Montgomery County Commission President. “We look forward to implementing these strategies and tracking our progress as we work to reach our goals.” 

This county-wide strategic plan will streamline and improve operations, target resources where they are needed most, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

Below are the five objectives of the 2020-2024 Montgomery County Strategic Plan:

  • Sustainable Community Infrastructure: To support a vibrant future of economic prosperity and a high quality of life, we must develop green practices and invest in infrastructure and programs that support safe and reliable water and solid waste systems, strong neighborhoods, and a healthy environment.
  • Economic Stability: To develop a strong economic base, we must create an environment that encourages business investment and produces the workforce to support it.
  • Thriving Youth: To build a community of prosperous individuals, we must invest in our youngest citizens early, so they have a good foundation on which to build their lives.
  • Community Well-Being: To create a community in which all citizens can succeed, we must provide services to our citizens who face obstacles to leading a safe, healthy, and productive life.
  • Effective & Efficient Government: To best serve Montgomery County, we must build a high-quality team and develop systems that support effective and efficient operations.

View the strategic plan on our website: 2020-2024 Montgomery County Strategic Plan