Montgomery County Engineer Breaks Ground on $18.5 Million Third Street Bridge Replacement

Montgomery County Engineer Breaks Ground on $18.5 Million Third Street Bridge Replacement

On Nov. 18, Montgomery County Engineer Paul Gruner hosted a ground breaking to commence construction on the Third Street Bridge Replacement Project.

In conjunction with the Ohio Public Works Commission, Ohio Department of Transportation, and Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, this $18.5 million project is made possible with grants and funds from federal, state and local agencies.

“All area businesses, bicyclists and motorists will benefit from this upgrade,” Gruner said. “The project will consist of replacing the shallow, original foundation, which was built in 1904 and suffered a partial collapse in 1929, and will expand the width of the structure to accommodate more traffic.”

The new Third Street Bridge will have five lanes, instead of the existing four, and offer 10-feet-wide sidewalks on the north side, and 17-feet-wide paths on the other.

“This bridge is truly designed by the people for the people,” Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman said. “The design team has done an excellent job of engaging the public in the process since the beginning, ensuring that it is more than just a physical structure, but a starting point toward healing relationships.”

Beginning in 2014, three public meetings were held. These meetings revealed that instead of acting as a connection point between the west and east sides of Dayton, citizens viewed the bridge as a divider between poor and affluent communities. The new Third Street Bridge will be constructed to bridge that gap and bring communities together in more ways than one.

“The new bridge will serve as a symbol that ties the two sides of Dayton together,” Gruner said. “It will record the successes of the past, and depict the hopes of the future.”

The project is being constructed by Eagle Bridge Company and is expected to take two years to complete. Finishing touches on the bridge will reflect themes of unity and strength, including images depicting the Wright Brothers, annual unity march, Civil Rights leaders, and more.

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