Recorder McClain Launches "Voices for Vets" Advisory Group

Recorder McClain Launches “Voices for Vets” Advisory Group

Montgomery County Recorder Brandon McClain is a proud veteran who wishes to provide the approximately 40,000 veterans within Montgomery County a voice in improving the services they deserve through the launching of the “Voices for Vets” Advisory Group.

Senator Sherrod Brown, who is the member of the United States Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, has expressed support for Recorder McClain’s new initiative.

“The Voices for Vets Advisory Group will champion the needs of veterans and give them a place to be heard,” said Recorder Brandon McClain. “This group will work to improve the quality of services provided to veterans throughout Montgomery County, and focus on the unique issues and concerns of veterans when it comes to how we deliver services and programs.”

The Advisory Group will initially be comprised of seven volunteer members, which will include five veterans and two non-veteran community members. The Advisory Group will meet at least once a month to address veteran issues, concerns and feedback. Additionally, the group will offer assistance to veterans seeking a second set of medals or information about discharge upgrades.

All Advisory Group members shall be selected by Recorder McClain and will serve on a volunteer basis. No compensation shall be given to any volunteer for any purpose. If you would like to be considered for the Voices for Vets Advisory Group or would like to report a concern for its review, please send your written inquiry to The group plans to begin meeting to address veteran concerns in January 2020.

In September 2018, Recorder McClain implemented the Veteran Identification Card Program, which sought to connect veterans to earned benefits. The identification card is free to any honorably discharged veteran (upon the recording of discharge and presentation of two forms of identification), and can help veterans obtain eligibility for hospital, burial, service credit benefits, discounts at local businesses throughout the Miami Valley and more. To date, approximately 2,000 veteran identification cards have been issued. More discharge documents have been recorded since the program’s inception than in the previous 10 years. For more information about this program visit