Recorder McClain Implementing Electronic Recording in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Recorder Bradon McClain plans to implement an electronic records submission process. This new process could begin as early as spring 2020.

E-recording is the process of submitting documents for recording online and having them reviewed, recorded, and returned back to the submitter electronically. Permitting this service as an option will allow individuals, title companies, lending facilities and attorneys to conveniently record non-transferable documents electronically without the original documents ever leaving their homes or offices.

E-recording saves time and money by eliminating postage costs, overnight shipping, and possible delays if documents submitted by citizens do not follow Ohio Revised Code guidelines. Recorder McClain anticipates E-recording being fully implemented as early as spring 2020.

“E-recording will greatly benefit buyers, sellers, lenders and the real estate industry as a whole in Montgomery County. Adopting this service enables our company to provide superior service to our clients by protecting their interest in their new real estate investment.” states Teresa Stewart, Vice-President of Performance Title in Kettering, Ohio.

“At a time when our communities’ financial resources are already strained, I am pleased to introduce and implement a service which will simultaneously reduce costs while increasing overall efficiency and customer service,” states McClain.

“We are excited that Recorder McClain is bringing this technology to our area- making our area one of the counties to pave the way into the future for Ohio.” Stewart further states.
When asked about E-recording, Brian McKenzie, an Area Sales Manager for PNC Bank, described its benefits to “create greater efficiency and productivity at a substantial cost savings, which is a win for everyone.”