Clarification of Montgomery County Temporarily Waiving Utility Fees for Tornado Victims

Montgomery County Environmental Services has announced they will be temporarily waiving water consumption fees for water and sewer customers whose properties were damaged by the May 27, 2019 tornadoes. These fees are for both residential and commercial properties and include: emergency shut-off fee, trip charge fees, pull meter service fee, lost meter fees, late fees, and abandonment permit fee.

  • If you are a Montgomery County customer and your dwelling was destroyed and is unlivable: 
    • The fees listed above will be waived and you will NOT be charged a quarterly bill until water reconnection is made. If a quarterly bill has already been paid, the account will be credited for charges that occur on or after Monday, May 27, 2019.
    • You MUST have a contractor that has a bond/insurance on file with Montgomery County to obtain an abandonment permit (free of charge) and have services disconnected through the Environmental Services’ Permits Department.  This is to protect the quality and integrity of our water and sewer system and to ensure proper records are kept.
    • If you have questions about the permit process, please call 937-781-2628.
    • If you have other questions about your account, please call 937-781-2688.
  • If you are a Montgomery County customer and your dwelling sustained major structural damage (as classified by the EMA):
    • The fees listed above will be waived.
    • You will be billed up to the date prior to the tornado and all water consumption fees from Monday, May 27, 2019 forward will NOT be included on that current bill. Normal billing will resume for the next billing cycle.
    • Please note: ONLY the consumption fees will be waived, not the complete bill.