Animal Resource Center extends hold period for stray dogs

Animal Resource Center extends hold period for stray dogs

DAYTON (June 24, 2019) – The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is extending its hold period for stray dogs from areas affected by the recent tornadoes from three days to 10 days. With this extension, the shelter hopes to provide residents plenty of time to identify and reclaim any dogs lost because of the storms.

Ohio law requires public shelters to hold unlicensed stray dogs for three days. Considering the devastation seen across the area, the county decided to extend that hold period.

“We understand that people have been concerned with the basic needs of shelter and food in recent weeks,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman. “We want to make sure anyone looking for their pet after filling those basic needs is afforded the time to find that furry family member.”

Animal Resource Center staff cross-referenced the dogs currently in the shelter with data from the Building Regulations division on the locations damaged by the tornadoes. Any dog potentially from the affected areas have had their hold periods extended to 10 days. Dogs brought into the shelter will continue to have their locations cross-referenced and, if from an area affected by the storms, their hold periods extended.

“The tornadoes have had a massive impact on our area, and this includes pet owners,” said Robert Gruhl, Director of the Animal Resource Center. “If a dog comes to us who may have been displaced by the storms, we want to ensure their families have the opportunity to find them.”

The hold period extension will continue until July 15. Anyone who has lost their dog, either as a result of the storms or otherwise, should check the Animal Resource Center’s lost and found page often, available at That page has links to photos of all dogs currently under a stray hold.

Dog owners are also encouraged to license their pet. Any licensed dog brought to the shelter is held for at least 14 days (per Ohio law), and multiple attempts are made to contact the owner listed on the license. Having a pet microchipped can give additional insurance that a pet will be reunited with its family in an emergency like to recent tornadoes.