Montgomery County is helping the community to rebuild by issuing permits at no charge for electric and gas piping permits. This waiver is effective immediately for restoring services to properties affected by the recent storms. These waivers will be in effect through July 31.

Property owners will still need to apply for an electric or gas piping permit. Each property will need to be inspected to ensure safety when turning on the utilities, but the fees for these permits will be waived.

For electric and gas reconnects, DP&L and Vectren are already inspecting properties that sustained minor or no damage, and restoring service where it can be done safely. If they find damage or leaks, they will inform the owner or tenant to have the damage repaired, and to then contact Montgomery County Building Regulations for permits and inspections.

Any questions concerning permits for ensure safe utility reconnection should be directed to the Montgomery County Building Regulations Department at or (937) 225-4622.