Apply for SNAP replacement benefits online

If Monday’s disaster left you with transportation challenges, it may be easier for you to get to your local library to apply for benefits or request replacement benefits rather than coming down to The Job Center. You can log onto any computer to apply at

Replacement Benefits Due to Power Loss

If you have an existing SNAP case and a loss of power of four or more hours caused your SNAP food to spoil, you can apply for replacement benefits within 10 days of the loss. You need to fill out this form:…

Our specialists will work with DP&L to verify your power status and eligibility. Your form can be faxed to 937-496-3306, emailed to, or brought to The Job Center, 1111 S. Edwin Moses Blvd., Dayton.

Additional details on applying for replacement SNAP benefits can be found here:…

Added details on Food Assistance are available at this link:…/family_assista…/food_assistance.php