Montgomery County and City of Trotwood  Announce Court Relocation to Trotwood

Western Municipal Court will occupy the building of the Trotwood Branch of Dayton Metro Library, to be vacated in 2020

Montgomery County and City of Trotwood Announce Court Relocation to Trotwood

Dayton, Ohio (Oct. 29, 2018) – Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners, Montgomery County Clerk of Courts, and the City of Trotwood are excited to announce that the Western Municipal Court will be relocated to the City of Trotwood, and that additional investments and renovations will be made to improve the Eastern Municipal Court in Huber Heights.

“We are committed to supporting our citizens by continuing to offer our services in Western Montgomery County, and bringing the court to a more convenient and central location,” said Montgomery County Clerk of Courts Russ Joseph. “With investments at our Huber Heights location and the transformation of the Trotwood Library into the Western Division of the Montgomery County Municipal Court, we will be well positioned to serve the needs of our citizens for years to come.”

The Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation (TCIC) intends to exercise its option to purchase the Trotwood Branch Library, facilitating the relocation of Montgomery County Courts Western Division at the site of the current library branch.

The option to purchase the current building and property from Dayton Metro Library was included as a part of the agreement for the Library to purchase land for the new Trotwood Branch Library, which will be open in early 2020. The new court facility is expected to open in mid-2020.

“This relocation will save time and resources to centralize services where they are needed most,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Foley. “Relocating our court from New Lebanon to Trotwood is great news for our local police officers, but it is also good public policy. Plain and simple.”

Moving the court to Trotwood is intended to improve operational efficiency and convenience for citizens, police, and the judiciary. A recent study commissioned by Montgomery County found that most of the Western Municipal Court civil cases, 55 percent, involve citizens from Trotwood.

“This move couldn’t be better for my operations and my officers,” said Brookville Police Chief Douglas Jerome. “I know that the other police chiefs here today feel the same. Having a court in Trotwood will help us do our job efficiently and effectively.”

Another concern with the old court location was that there was no access to public transportation in New Lebanon. “Having our court located where citizens can easily access public transportation ensures that folks can make it to their court date without undue burden,” Foley said. The new court location in Trotwood will be right along RTA Route 14.

“We are thrilled to have both a new court and a new library facility coming our way in the next couple of years,” said Mayor Mary McDonald, City of Trotwood. “Bringing additional services to our residents and investing in the revitalization of our neighborhoods is what continues to make Trotwood a city of growth and progress.”

The relocation of the court will also allow for reuse of the old library branch building. “I am excited to see a new use for the building,” said Tim Kambitsch, executive director of the Dayton Metro Library. “During this transition, we are committed to ensuring continuity of service from both the courts and the library, as both offer key services to residents in Montgomery County.”

Montgomery County’s Western Municipal Court is currently located in New Lebanon. The County has extended the lease on the building until 2020.

“Montgomery County is doing its part to invest in the northwest side of the county,” Foley said. “We hope that making this investment now, will spur other private and public partners to bring business investments and economic opportunity to this community.”

Timeline of Events:

  1. The Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation intends to exercise its option to purchase the Trotwood Branch Library, facilitating the relocation of the Western Municipal Court.
  2. In early 2020, the Trotwood Branch of the Dayton Metro Library will relocate to the new building located at 855 E. Main Street, Trotwood, OH 45426.
  3. In mid-2020, the Western Municipal Court will relocate into the vacated library location at 651 E Main Street, Trotwood, OH 45426.
  4. In 2020, renovations will be completed at the Eastern Municipal Court in Huber Heights, located at 6111 Taylorsville Rd, Dayton, OH 45424.

About Montgomery County Clerk of Courts

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