Commissioner Dodge Named "2018 Local Food Hero"

The Ohio Food Policy Network has named Montgomery County Commissioner Judy Dodge the “2018 Local Food Hero.”  The award celebrates “dedication and service to the people of Ohio through leadership and advocacy for the creation of healthy local and regional food systems.”

Under Commissioner Dodge’s leadership, food is now a top priority for County funding. As a result, our combined Human Services Levy/United Way collective impact process is now funding two new and innovative community projects to address food inequity.

Commissioner Dodge pioneered the innovative “Market at Wright Stop Plaza,” a fresh produce stand located at the RTA hub in downtown Dayton. This project provides a convenient way for bus riders to get healthy, affordable food. Customers can use SNAP and Produce Perks to purchase the fresh produce.  Recently, when it looked like a contracting issue at the federal level would prevent SNAP recipients from using their EBT card at farmers market, Commissioner Dodge led an effort to identify a solution and find the necessary funding in record time so there was no gap in service.

“I am committed to removing obstacles and executing solutions to ensure that every man, woman, and child in our community has access to fresh, healthy food,” said Commissioner Dodge.  “I will continue to educate, advocate, and build new partnerships to create a community free of food inequity.”

This year, Commissioner Dodge is presenting her 8th Food Summit, the community’s premier opportunity for leaders and food activists to network, share and discover new solutions. The Food Summit began as a way to raise awareness and connect organizations. It has evolved into a platform to present innovative projects from around the region as well as shine a light on local activities that may be overlooked. 

Commissioner Dodge was presented the “2018 Local Food Hero” Award at the 8th Annual Ohio Food Policy Summit, on Monday, September 24 at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center in Columbus.  The event is hosted by the Ohio Food Policy Network and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

To learn more about Montgomery County’s efforts to address food and hunger issues in our communities, visit or contact Commissioner Dodge’s office at 937-225- 6445.