Building Regulations Division Expands Services to Brookville

In September, the Montgomery County Building Regulations Division will begin providing all plan review and inspection of all new construction and repairs to commercial construction, as well as, residential building code enforcement services for the City of Brookville.  These services include the review of all plans and specifications for construction and alteration of commercial buildings, 1, 2, and 3-family homes, room additions and accessory structures, as well as related HVAC, gas piping, and electrical work.  Beginning September 4, 2018, all contractors, owners and lessees of real estate in Brookville will be required to secure building and inspection permits from Montgomery County’s Building Regulations Division.

“This agreement with the City of Brookville is a prime example of a key component of the County Commissioners’ strategic plan that identifies opportunities for coordination, collaboration, and cooperation with our cities and townships,” said Montgomery County Commission President Debbie Lieberman.  “Working closely with our jurisdictions to streamline services is responsible and efficient government that benefits our citizens and businesses.”

“This strengthens our long-standing partnership with Montgomery County in a manner which enhances essential service delivery to all Brookville stakeholders and maximizes value produced for all tax-paying citizens and businesses in the community,” said Brookville Mayor David Seagraves. 

To apply for permits and request inspections, contact Montgomery County Building Regulations, 451 West Third Street, 10th Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45422.  The general office phone number is 937-225-4622.

For additional information regarding residential permits, please contact Joe Mangan, Residential Plans Examiner, at or 937-225-5038. Our Commercial Plans Examiner, Jim Tunison, can be reached at or 937-225-4635.  Office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

As an added benefit to citizens and business, a vast amount of information is available through the Montgomery County Building Regulations website,  The web site includes application forms, success checklists, sample drawings and answers to frequently asked questions.