County Takes Action Against Opioid Manufacturers & Distributors

Mary E. Montgomery, Chief of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Civil Division and the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners announced today they are taking action to investigate and litigate actionable claims that may be pursued against individuals and entities related to the marketing, prescribing, distribution, or sale of opioids.

Assistant Prosecutor Montgomery noted that the Montgomery County Coroner estimated that during the summer of 2017, 60€70% of all the bodies in the county morgue were of overdose victims and that the Montgomery County Juvenile Court estimates that nearly a quarter of the defendants in the courtroom are addicted to opioids or heroin. In addition, in 2016, Montgomery County prescribers wrote almost 93 opioid prescriptions for every 100 residents.  In fact, Montgomery noted, every year between 2006 €2015, there were more opioid
prescriptions written per year than people living in our county.
Assistant Prosecutor Montgomery said, “Our goal is to hold the companies responsible for this problem accountable through civil litigation. The overprescribing of these powerful and
addictive drugs to patients, while failing to disclose the risks involved by taking these drugs leads to patients who become addicted.”

Montgomery continued, “We seek to recover money that taxpayers have paid out for drug treatment programs, medical care and hospitalizations, emergency medical treatment,
emergency medical transportation, the costs of law enforcement response and investigations, the costs of prosecutions, the costs associated with incarceration, and sadly, the costs associated with the dramatic rise in caring for children who are forced into the Foster care system after their parents have overdosed or died. The most important benefit will be to help make our neighborhoods safer.”

Assisting our office as Special Prosecutors are attorneys with the law firm of Motley Rice, LLC, located in Washington, DC and other locations. Motley Rice attorneys gained recognition for
their pioneering asbestos lawsuits, their work with the State Attorneys General in the landmark litigation against Big Tobacco, and their representation of 9/11 families in the ongoing lawsuit against terrorist financiers. Motley Rice filed the first complaint in the current wave of opioid litigation in 2014.