Detours - Valley Street Bridge Construction/Closure in Riverside

Paul Gruner, P.E., P.S., Montgomery County Engineer, is requesting the public’s cooperation regarding the detour routes for the Valley Street Bridge reconstruction project between Union Schoolhouse Road and State Route 4. Construction began last week to replace the two center beams on the bridge, and the bridge is scheduled to be reopened no later than November 24, 2017.


It has come to our attention that citizens and trucks have not been following the posted detours and instead have been using detours that endanger the safety and security of their fellow citizens. The posted detours use the major roads of State Route 4, Springfield Street, and Harshman Road. Residential Streets are not intended for this purpose and are unsafe for trucks and/or other through traffic to use. The Riverside Police Department will be vigilant about drivers who ignore the detours, and tickets may be issued.

The patience of the public, their following of the posted detours, and their careful, safe driving during this period is greatly appreciated.

Contact Information:

Paul W. Gruner, P.E., P.S. – Montgomery County Engineer
Phone: (937) 225-6040
Fax: (937) 496-7441