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Tax Liens
The purpose of the annual Tax Lien Sale is to collect the delinquent real estate taxes owed to Montgomery County school districts, agencies, and local governments.A sale of a property owner’s tax lien can be stopped if the property owner pays off the delinquent amount owed to the county, or if they agree to a payment plan. If a property owner fails to pay or set up a payment plan and a tax lien is sold, additional fees and interest will be charged to the property. Frequently asked questions about tax liens can be found below. 

Please reach out to us at 937-225-4396 option 2 or BEFORE a tax lien is sold so that we can help you avoid these added expenses. 

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Why is Montgomery County selling tax liens?

What is a tax lien?

How much do I owe?

Can I pay the debt before a lien is sold on my property?

What is a payment plan?

What do I need to bring to make a payment plan?

If a lien is sold on my property, am I going to lose my property?

Who bought my tax lien?

How do I pay my current taxes if a lien was sold?

How do I know if my lien was released?

How do I make payments on my tax lien after it is sold?

Do I need to make payments on both my tax lien and my future property taxes?

What happens if I do not pay the lien holder?