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pay your bill online 

Payment Options
Our goal is to make paying your taxes as easy as possible.  Here are your options for payment:


Click here to pay online through our payment processing partner Point & Pay. You can make a one-time payment or set up an account that will allow you to track your parcels, sign up for e-billing, text alerts and more.

A convenience fee will apply, see below. Click here to pay.

By Phone

-Automated payment (free) 1-833-819-5111
-ADD Live Representative Payment ($5.00 fee) 1-877-495-2729
-Point and Pay support email-


Our office is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except holidays.

You can pay your property taxes in-person during those hours using cash, personal check, credit/debit card, or a verified payment (cashier’s check or money order). For credit/debit payments, a convenience fee will apply, see below.

Drop Box

Drop Box

Our office accepts payment by mail using a personal check or verified payment (cashier’s check or money order). For security reasons, please do not mail cash payments. We cannot accept credit or debit cards for processing by mail.

Please send payments, made out to John McManus, Treasurer to:

John McManus
Montgomery County Treasurer
451 W. Third Street
Dayton, OH 45422

If you would like payment verification, please mail your entire tax bill with your payment, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We will date stamp and return the top portion of the bill to you as a receipt.

Convenience Fees (Credit/Debit Cards and e-Checks)

A convenience fee will apply to payments made by credit/debit card or e-check as follows:

  • E-Check: $0.50 per transaction
  • Credit Cards: 2.3% of total payment
  • Debit Cards: $2.95 per transaction

Our processing partner, Point & Pay, LLC, charges users a non refundable convenience fee for the use of this services, as expressed above. The Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office does not receive any part of this fee. If your payment cannot be processed, your tax liability will remain outstanding and you will be subject to applicable penalties and interest.

Pre-Payment Program

Many people find making a monthly payment is the most convenient way to pay their taxes – particularly if they have recently paid off a mortgage and are used to paying monthly, or find it easier to pay in small installments rather than a large lump sum.

Taxpayers can choose between three options to suit their needs:

***Please note*** Current taxes must be paid in order to enroll and all applications must be sent 60 days or more before the tax due date. All applications sent within the 60 days leading up to the due date will not be reviewed until after the tax deadline.

  1. Monthly Billing – Half year taxes are divided into monthly payments. You will receive monthly coupons.
  2. Monthly EFT – Half year taxes are divided into monthly payments which are automatically withdrawn from your checking account.
  3. Semi-Annual EFT – Semi-annual tax payments are automatically withdrawn from your checking account.

To enroll, please complete the application and a representative will contact you. You can also apply by calling 937-225-4010, option 1.All property taxes must be current to be eligible for this program.

Past-Due Payment Plans

Taxpayers who are behind on paying their property taxes may be eligible for a monthly payment plan. Property owners entering into payment contracts will become current on their property taxes by paying both the past-due taxes as well as the current amounts due.

As long as the terms of the contract are followed, no additional penalties or interest will be added. If payments are missed, the agreement is void and any penalty and interest that was frozen will be added back in.

Please note that any property more than one-year past due, and NOT on a payment plan, is subject to foreclosure and a tax lien.