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2021 Press Releases:

4/20/2021 - Dayton Man Indicted for Shooting Death of Fiancee (Kendall Hock)
4/16/2021 - Dayton Father Indicted for Injuring 3-Month-Old Daughter (Logan Green)
4/16/2021 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Murder Over $10 (James Miller)
4/16/2021 - Dayton Man Found Guilty of Murder (Laron Cunningham)
4/15/2021 - Kettering Man Sentenced to at Least 131 Years in Prison (Robert Ruehle)
4/14/2021 - Oakwood Business Owner Convicted of Contractor Fraud (William Lambert)
4/12/2021 - Dayton Teen Indicted for Fatal Pedestrian Traffic Crash (Shamare Davis)
4/6/2021 - Trotwood Man Indicted for Homicide at Kettering BP Station (Jaleel Brooks)
4/1/2021 - Moraine Man Sentenced for Manslaughter Conviction (Duane Taylor, Jr.)
4/1/2021 - Jury Finds Dayton Man Guilty for Murder Over $10 (James Miller)
4/1/2021 - Prosecutor Heck Recognizes April as Child Abuse Prevention Month
3/25/2021 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Shooting at Miami Township Hotel (Jesse Shepherd)
3/24/2021 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Fatal Traffic Crash (Joshua Sams)
3/17/2021 - Caregiver Sentenced for Death at Group Home (Erion Williams)
3/11/2021 - Dayton Man Shot by Police Sentenced (Shawn Keirns)
3/9/2021 - Dayton Man Indicted for Butler Township Homicide (Da'Jahnn Alexander)
3/3/2021 - Mr. Jonathan W. Sauline Promoted to Criminal Trial Supervisor
3/3/2021 - Mr. Richard F. Glennon Promoted to Criminal Trial Supervisor
3/3/2021 - Ms. Dylan G. Smearcheck Promoted to Supervising Attorney of Intake/Grand Jury
3/1/2021 - Clayton Man Indicted for Child Porn (Paul Leibold)
2/25/2021 - No True Bill in Officer-Involved Shooting on Wayne Avenue
2/25/2021 - Man Indicted for Shooting Death of Children's Mother (Ricardo Santiago, Jr.)
2/19/2021 - Second Man Indicted for Trotwood Homicide (William Denny)
2/12/2021 - Dayton Man Indicted for Causing Death of Two-Month-Old (William Clouse)
2/12/2021 - Woman Sentenced for Kidnapping & Robbery of Elderly Man (Jessica Boomershine)
2/10/2021 - Brookville Teen Indicted for Child Pornography (Jonathan Pearson)
2/9/2021 - Ms. Anu Sharma Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
2/5/2021 - Dayton Man Indicted for January Murder (Shaquonne McCurty)
2/5/2021 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict 
2/4/2021 - Charge Approved on Union Homeowner for Explosives (Connell Gubser)
2/4/2021 - New Lebanon Man Indicted for Failure to Stop After an Accident (Kyler Carlile)
2/4/2021 - West Carrollton Man Indicted for Causing Death of Infant (Charles Pulley)
2/3/2021 - Ms. Kimberly A. Melnick Promoted to Violent Crimes Bureau 
1/29/2021 - Michigan Man Indicted for Sex Offenses, Child Endangering (Jimmie Ragland)
1/25/2021 - Dayton Man Indicted for Wife's Murder (Tremayne Burdine)
1/21/2021 - Co-defendant Sentenced for Harrison Township Home Invasion (Jarrelle Anderson)
1/21/2021 - Miamisburg Soccer Association Treasurer Indicted (Richard Campbell)
1/13/2021 - Brookville Man Indicted for Murder of Mother (Taylor Walter)
1/7/2021 - Mr. Daniel J. Brandt Promoted to Chief of the Criminal Division; Ms. Lynda A. Dodd Promoted to Deputy Chief 
1/7/2021 - Dayton Man Indicted for Leo Street Murder (Tyray Ward)
1/6/2021 - Husband Sentenced for Villa Tavern Shooting (Michael Prater)
1/5/2021 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Aggravated Murder of Kettering Insurance Agent (Joshua DeHart)
1/5/2021 - Ms. Elizabeth A. Ellis Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
1/4/2021 - Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck, Jr. Sworn In for Eighth Term

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