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2020 Press Releases:

10/28/2020 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Throwing Rocks at Police (Russell Harris)
10/27/2020 - 43 Year Old West Carrollton Man Indicted for Child Pornography (Charles Stutz)
10/26/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder Over $10 (James Miller)
10/22/2020 - Defendant Found Guilty as Charged for Kidnapping, Assault, & Robbery of Elderly Man (Billy Farra)
10/21/2020 - Prosecutor Recognizes 2020 Champion of Children Award Recipient
10/15/2020 - Man Indicted in Dayton Area Crime Spree (Darius Grooms)
10/15/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Death of Accomplice (Robert Brooks)
10/14/2020 - Contractor Sentenced to Prison (Brandon Valandingham)
10/7/2020 - Prosecutor Announces Readiness for General Election Issues
10/5/2020 - Kettering Man Indicted for Mallet Attack of Teen (Johnny Hansen)
10/5/2020 - Jury Finds Trotwood Man Guilty of Rapes, Kidnappings, Burglaries (William Jones)
10/2/2020 - Huber Heights Man Found Guilty for Shooting Death and Multiple County Police Chase (Dustin Hatfield)
10/1/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Wayne Avenue Incident (Shawn Keirns)
9/25/2020 - Franklin Man Indicted for GTA and Kidnapping (Justin Mulligan)
9/21/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Germantown Pike Bar Shooting/Murder (Gregory Bush)
9/16/2020 - Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kelsie Carson Assigned to Child Abuse Bureau (Kelsie Carson)
9/15/2020 - 19-Year-Old Dayton Man Indicted for Murder (Javontay Clark)
9/3/2020 - Convicted Sex Offender Indicted for Rape of 6-Year-Old (Jesse Maddex)
8/31/2020 - Man Receives Lengthy Prison Sentence for Child Rape Convictions (Michael Luther)
8/27/2020 - 38-Year-Old Indicted for Child Pornography (Christopher Searls)
8/25/2020 - Dayton Man Sentenced to 49 Years-to-Life for Huber Heights Murder (Tylin Watson)
8/20/2020 - Former Jail Corrections Officer Sentenced to Prison (Franco Villella)
8/11/2020 - Three Motions to Transfer Juvenile to Adult Court Filed (Taesean Winn)
8/5/2020 - Motion Filed to Transfer Teen for Rape (Eric Isabell) 
7/30/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fatal North Main Street Shooting (Emanuel Dennis)
7/30/2020 - 64-Year-Old Dayton Man Indicted for Sex Offenses (Larry Nalls)
6/10/2020 - Ms. Alexandra N. Pickerill Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
6/8/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Manhattan Avenue Murder (Anthony Gause)
6/5/2020 - Brookville Man Arrested for Burglary (Taylor Walter)
6/5/2020 - Ms. Elizabeth J. Orlando Appointed Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
6/5/2020 - Mr. Nicholas J. Surkala II Appointed Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
6/3/2020 - Three Indicted for Deadly Home Invasion (Daylequan Arnold, Deon Harris, King Turner)
6/3/2020 - Statement Regarding the Killing of George Floyd
5/28/2020 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict (John Doe)
5/26/2020 - US Route 35 Shooter Sentenced (Michael Blair)
5/20/2020 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Shooting at Police During 11-hour Standoff (Todd King)
5/20/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Killing Woman in Front of 4 Year Old (Gregory Blanton)
5/15/2020 - Woman Sentenced for Gross Abuse of Grandmother's Corpse (Stacie Lauhon-Wheeler)
5/8/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder of Insurance Agent (Joshua Dehart)
5/4/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Killing Brookville Woman in Traffic Crash (Joshua Sams)
4/23/2020 - Teen Sentenced for Murder of Pregnant Woman (Brandon Leigh)
4/20/2020 - National Crime Victims' Rights Week
4/1/2020 - Moraine Man Indicted for Murder (Duane Taylor, Jr.)
4/1/2020 - Prosecutor Heck Recognizes April as Child Abuse Prevention Month
3/23/2020 - Private Security Guard Sentenced for Child Sex Offenses (Laquita Ross)
3/20/2020 - Dayton Man Indited for Murder, Felonious Assault (Karlton Jones)
3/19/2020 - Dayton Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Child Rape (Richard Gibson)
3/17/2020 - Dayton Man Sentenced to Life for Child Rape (Tyler Ulm)
3/6/2020 - Mason Teen Indicted for Murder of Dunbar Student (Jackeem Collins)
3/3/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Aggravated Murder of Mansfield Couple (Larry Rodgers)
2/21/2020 - Dayton Man Found Guilty for Huber Heights Murder (Tylin Watson)
2/19/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder at Boot Joint (Dayveon Johnson)
2/18/2020 - Riverside Man Indicted for Murder of Father (David Streeter)
2/4/2020 - Two Contractors Indicted (Brandon Valandingham and Robert Tracy Greene)
1/31/2020 - Miamisburg Man Designated Sexually Violent Predator and Sentenced (Scott Pate)
1/29/2020 - Kettering Man Indicted for Murder of Girlfriend (Terrel Ross)
1/28/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for Two Homicide Hours Apart (Christopher Smith)
1/27/2020 - Man Convicted in Fatal Arson Fire Sentenced to Life (Shawn Albertson)
1/27/2020 - Pair Indicted for Kidnapping and Robbery of Elderly Man (Jessica Boomershine & Billy Joe Farra)
1/21/2020 - Mr. Donald B. Leist Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
1/14/2020 - Dayton Man Indicted for SWAT Standoff (Derrick Lewis)
1/9/2020 - Man Sentenced to Life for Murder of 17 Year Old Ex-girlfriend (Trendell Goodwin)
1/8/2020 - Dayton Woman Found Guilty and Sentenced for Homicide (Jazzmon Brooks)

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