Staff Directory

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 Adkinson, Ashley  937-225-5770  Intake/Grand Jury
 Ahearn, Todd  937-496-6870  Civil Division
 Allen, Michael  937-225-4979  Criminal Division
 Allman, Mitchell  937-225-3469  Appellate Division
 Amarante, John  937-276-6560  Child Protection Unit
 Amos, John  937-224-8806  Criminal Division - Violent Crimes Bureau
 Amrhein, Nicole  937-225-5783  Criminal Division
 Antonopoulos, Caitlin  937-276-6586  Child Protection Unit
 Armanini, Deb  937-225-5751  1st Assistant Prosecutor
 Arnold, Carly  937-225-5736  Case Management
 Barrentine, Ward  937-496-7797  Chief, Civil Division
 Berkshire, Madison  937-496-6925  Case Management
 Berry, Alycia  937-276-6563  Child Protection Unit
 Boring, Macey  937-641-4794  Victim/Witness Division
 Brandt, Dan  937-224-3741  Chief, Criminal Division
 Braun, David  937-225-5649  Juvenile Division
 Brodbeck, Thomas  937-224-8713  Civil Division
 Bruder, Lisa  937-225-4951   Criminal Division
 Carper, Margaret  937-225-5760  DTAC
 Carson, Kelsie  937-641-4787  Child Abuse Bureau
 Castro, Amber  937-225-5606  Case Management
 Chaille, Nancie  937-225-3491  DTAC
 Claypoole, Erin  937-224-3740  Criminal Division - Violent Crimes Bureau
 Clift, Karen  937-496-7742  Payroll, Personel, and Benefits Officer
 Clutter, Dianna  937-225-5654  Civil Division
 Cochren, Madelynn  937-225-3171  DTAC
 Comes, Jennifer  937-276-6580  Child Protection Unit
 Cosenza, Valerie  937-225-5752  Case Management
 Crear, Candace  937-225-5543  Criminal Division
 Creekmore, Holly  937-225-5784  Case Management
 Crim, Whitney  937-225-5755  Criminal Division
 Davis, Josh  937-496-7400  Records and Evidence Manager
 DeRosa, Matthew  937-225-5705  Criminal Division
 Dillon, Tyson  937-225-5600  Investigator
 Dodd, Barbara  937-225-5757  Switchboard Operator
 Dodd, Lynda  937-225-5792  Deputy Chief, Criminal Division
 Ellis, Elizabeth  937-225-5788  Appellate Division
 Ely, Kaylin  937-496-6915  Victim/Witness Division
 Fields, Courtnie  937-276-6585  Child Protection Unit
 Finch, Emma  937-224-8037  Case Management
 Flannagan, Greg  937-225-5610  Public Information Officer/Administrative Assistant
 French, Andy  937-225-5775  Chief, Appellate Division
 Garcia, Aeriana  937-225-3461  Victim/Witness Division
 Gehres, Franklin  937-225-5778  Criminal Division
 Glennon, Richard  937-225-5798  Criminal Division
 Gramza, Ann  937-496-7267  Chief, Juvenile DIvision
 Grodner, Michelle  937-276-6567  Supervising Attorney, Child Protection Unit
 Hale, Thomas  937-496-7194  Criminal Division
 Hamilton, Sarah  937-225-5764  Case Management
 Hart, Natalie  937-225-5620  Victim/Witness Division
 Heck Jr., Mathias  937-225-5599  Prosecuting Attorney
 Heigel, Jillian  937-225-5794  Case Management
 Henderson, Linda  937-225-5744  Receptionist
 Heneghan, Paige  937-276-6566  Child Protection Unit
 Hensley, Carrie  937-225-5791  Case Management
 Hensley, Courtney  937-225-6304  Juvenile Division
 Hombach, Shaina  937-224-1460  Juvenile Division
 Hunt, Sandy  937-225-6262  Director, Victim / Witness Division
 Ingram, Hannah  937-496-7688  Victim/Witness Division
 Jagielski, Anne  937-496-7195  Criminal Division
 Jankowski, Sarah  937-225-4254  Juvenile Division
 Jensen, Allison  937-276-1722  Child Protection Unit
 Jonas, Lora  937-225-4881  Diversion Division
 Jordon, Laura  937-225-5772  Diversion Division
 Kleiner, Emily  937-225-6755  Intake/Grand Jury
 Knife, Ashlee  937-225-5622  Victim / Witness Division
 Kochel, Ashley  937-225-5750  Case Management
 Kramer, Kristiane  937-225-5621  Victim / Witness Division
 Lesko, Alexandra  937-225-5756  Case Management
 Light, Lisa  937-225-5027  Appellate Division
 Madzey, Kelly  937-225-6495  Criminal Division
 Mariani, Laura  937-225-5780  Civil Division
 McCormick, Elizabeth  937-225-4715  Criminal Division
 McKenna, Skye  937-496-6914  Victim / Witness Division
 McPherron, Shaun  937-224-8064  Criminal Division
 Merrill, David  937-225-5602  Criminal Division
 Moniruzzaman, Navil  937-276-6568  Child Protection Unit
 Moore, Bryan  937-641-4788  Child Abuse Bureau
 Morningstar, Alyssa  937-496-3000  Office Messenger
 Mosher, Jacob  937-225-6103  Criminal Division
 Myers, Brandon  937-225-5771  Criminal Division
 Nemeth, Robert  937-496-3228  Diversion Division
 Newsom, Jessica  937-225-3443  Grand Jury Coordinator
 Nilles, Victoria  937-496-7910  Criminal Division
 Orlando, Elizabeth  937-225-5782  Criminal Division
 Parker, Maya  937-225-4117  Appellate Division
 Peterson, Nathaniel  937-225-3499  Civil Division
 Phipps, Michele  937-496-7676  DTAC
 Pinsoneault, Aaron  937-276-6559  Child Protection Unit
 Rader, Tonya  937-225-5767  Civil Division
 Rhodus, Randi  937-225-5776  Case Management
 Rizzo, Joshua  937-225-5796  Criminal Division
 Robinson, Jamie  937-496-7131  Intake/Grand Jury
 Sauline, Jonathan  937-225-5601  Criminal Division
 Schoen, Anthony  937-496-6917  Criminal Division
 Sharma, Anu  937-225-5795  Civil Division
 Shaw, Josh  937-225-5786  Civil Division
 Showe, Collin  937-225-5781  Civil Division
 Simpson, Jessi  937-225-3444  Investigator
 Smearcheck Dylan  937-225-5768  Supervising Attorney, Intake/Grand Jury
 Smith, Zach  937-496-3386  IT Manager
 Smoot, Kerry  937-496-6575  Chief Investigator
 Solomon, Cheyanne  937-225-5790  Secretary to Administration
 Surkala, Nicholas  937-276-6565  Child Protection Unit
 Sweet, Cara  937-225-5785  Executive Assistant
 Talley, Rion  937-225-5051  Supervisor, Case Management
 Taste, India  937-224-8836  DTAC
 Taylor, Diane  937-276-6564  Child Protection Unit
 Todd, Cailyn  937-225-4895  DTAC
 Wagenfeld, Steve  937-225-6308   Juvenile Division
 Weaver, Dylan  937-225-3464  Case Management
 Weber, Jennifer  937-225-5761  Criminal Division
 Westwood, Cindi  937-626-1490  Municipal Count Prosecutor
 Wilburn, Myra  937-225-5684  Diversion Division
 Yingling, Tanner  937-225-5605  IT Support Specialist