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2019 Press Releases:

12/31/2019 - Shoplifter Indicted for Assault on Police Officer (Loretta Bizzell)
12/31/2019 - 64-Year-Old Trotwood Man Indicted for Murder (Randall Aniton)
12/27/2019 - Two Women Indicted for Child Endangering (Jennifer Ebert & Amanda Hinze)
12/24/2019 - Two Additional Men Indicted for Kettering Homicide (Deverono Somerset & Terrence Bogan) 
12/23/2019 - 30-Year-Old Dayton Man Indicted for Rape and Child Endangering (Al Mutahan McLean)
12/23/2019 - 24-Year-Old Indicted for Thanksgiving Day Murder (D'Maughn Moore)
12/23/2019 - Prosecutor Offers ArriveSafe Over Christmas, New Years Holidays
12/18/2019 - Christopher Lee Daye Sentenced for Involuntary Manslaughter
12/18/2019 - Columbus Man Sentenced for Aggravated Murder (Trenton Williams)
12/11/2019 - 23-Year-Old Dayton Man Indicted for Murder (Marvin Herron)
12/6/2019 - Jury Finds Security Guard Guilty as Charged for Murder (Steven Coleman)
12/4/2019 - Kettering Teen's Adult Sentence to be Imposed (Kylen Gregory)
12/2/2019 - Lambert Sentenced for Huber Heights Murder (Levi Lambert)
12/2/2019 - Double Homicide Person of Interest Indicted on Gun Charge (Larry Rodgers)
11/26/2019 - Prosecutor to Offer ArriveSafe Program Over Thanksgiving Weekend
11/5/2019 - Trotwood Man Indicted for Kettering Homicide (Dylan Dugan)
10/30/2019 - Huber Heights Man Indicted for Shooting at Officers (Adam Cottrill)
10/29/2019 - Ms. Haley E. Napier Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
10/18/2019 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Aggravated Robberies (Chad Barnes)
10/15/2019 - Miamisburg Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Jazz Club Shooting (James Davison)
10/10/2019 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict
10/7/2019 - Raymond A. Walters Indicted for Double Fatal Crash (Raymond Walters)
10/4/2019 - Defendant Found Guilty as Charged for Murder During Robbery (Trenton Williams)
10/2/2019 - Motion Filed to Transfer Dunbar Player (Jasaun Debrito)
9/27/2019 - Arrest Warrant Filed on Raymond A. Walters (Raymond Walters)
9/27/2019 - Jury Finds Miamisburg Man Guilty for Double Homicide (James Davison)
9/25/2019 - Juvenile Court Judges Anthony Capizzi and Helen Wallace and Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck, Jr. Meet With Truancy Officers to Discuss Chronic Absenteeism
9/6/2019 - Second District Court of Appeals Affirms Former Phillipsburg Officer's Convictions and Sentence (Justin Sanderson)
9/4/2019 - 19 Year Old Defendant Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison (Charles Ashford)
8/30/2019 - Moraine Woman Indicted for Attempted Murder (Jessica Taylor)
8/30/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder During Robbery (Jeremiah Keith)
8/29/2019 - Caregiver Indicted for Death and Abuse at Group Home (Erion Williams)
8/29/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder (Carson Barker)
8/28/2019 - West Carrollton Woman Indicted for Gross Abuse of a Corpse (Christine Michael)
8/27/2019 - Trio Indicted for Murder, Robbery (Carlos Blanton, Tylin Watson, Kalesha Whitner)
8/23/2019 - Miamisburg Teen Charged With Homicide (Gavin Fortney)
8/22/2019 - Motion Filed to Transfer Two Teens to Adult Court (Keshawn Smith & Karon Bruce)
8/21/2019 - Centerville Man Sentenced for Attempted Aggravated Murder (Ray Eades)
7/1/2019 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Theft from Elderly Mother; Possessing Child Porn (Shaun Joseph)
6/26/2019 - Trotwood Juvenile Indicted for Rapes, Kidnappings, Burglaries (William Jones)
6/26/2019 - Adult Sentenced in Connection with Kettering Homicide (Miles Heizer)
6/25/2019 - Former Washington Township Investment Adviser Sentenced (John Gregory Schmidt)
6/21/2019 - Third Defendant, a Juvenile, Indicted for Cell Phone Store Robbery (Justin Askew)
6/19/2019 - Convicted Felon Indicted in Butler Twp. Carjacking (Anthony Jadwin, Jr.)
6/13/2019 - Kettering Teen Sentenced for Homicide (Kylen Gregory)
6/11/2019 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Escape From STOP Program (Darryl Adams)
5/31/2019 - Prosecuting Attorney Heck Warns of Tornado Scams
5/28/2019 - Husband and Wife Indicted for Shootings (Christina and Michael Prater)
5/23/2019 - US Route 35 Shooter Indicted (Michael Blair)
5/22/2019 - Father Sentenced for Murder of Son (Earl Shingleton)
5/21/2019 - Defendant Indicted for Murder of Miamisburg Teen (Chaz Gillilan) 
5/15/2019 - US Route 35 Shooter has been Charged (Michael Blair) 
5/14/2019 - Couple Indicted for Theft and Forgery (Christy Greider and Jason Greider)
5/13/2019 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Fatal Shooting (Lance Irvin)
5/1/2019 - 29th Annual Violence Prevention Project Awards Ceremony Held
5/1/2019 - Miamisburg Man Indicted on Additional Counts (Scott Pate)
4/30/2019 - Mr. Ward C. Barrentine Appointed as Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
4/23/2019 - AMVETS POST 24 Finance Officer Sentenced for Theft (Joseph Bruns)
4/23/2019 - Teen Enters Guilty Plea in Kettering Homicide (Kylen Gregory)
4/18/2019 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Fatal Traffic Crash (Kimberly Farmer)
4/18/2019 - Private Security Guard Indicted for Child Sex Offenses (Laquita Ross)
4/15/2019 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Rape, Kidnapping (Darrion Oliver)
4/12/2019 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Homicide (Jazzmon Brooks)
4/11/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Additional Sex Crimes (Gary Kelly)
4/10/2019 - Former Jail Corrections Officer Indicted on Addotional Charges (Franco Villella)
4/2/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder (Laron Cunningham)
4/1/2019 - Miamisburg Man Indicted for Sex Crimes on Pre-Teens (Scott Pate)
4/1/2019 - Miamisburg Man Indicted for Double Homicide (James Davison)
3/27/2019 - Dayton Woman Sentenced for Shooting Death (Deanglea Jones)
3/26/2019 - Ms. Lisa M. Light Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
3/21/2019 - Dayton Teen Indicted for Robbery of 84-Year-Old (Kaleb Lee)
3/21/2019 - Dayton Man Sentenced to Life for Murder of Mother (John Mukes)
3/18/2019 - Riverside Man Sentenced to Life in Prison (Joshua Beall)
3/18/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Firing Gun Into Home (Michael Logan)
3/15/2019 - Second District Court of Appeals Decisions Rendered
3/15/2019 - Prosecutor Offers ArriveSafe Program on St. Patrick's Day
3/14/2019 - Harrison Township Man Sentenced for Assaulting 8-Week-Old Son (Hopeton Taylor)
3/11/2019 - Ms. Shaina A. Hombach Appointed Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
3/4/2019 - Dayton Police Officer Indicted (Torrence LaPrath)
2/21/2019 - 17-Year-Old Indicted for Miami Township Murder (Larry Sain)
2/20/2019 - Mr. RIchard F. Glennon Appointed Supervising Attorney of Intake/Grand Jury
2/15/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted in 11-Hour Standoff (Todd Anthony King)
2/15/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder During Robbery (Marcus Brigham, Jr.)
2/14/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder of Adult Son (Earl Shingleton)
2/13/2019 - JaMichael Howard Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder, Shooting (JaMichael Howard)
1/24/2019 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fatal Crash (Thurston Melson)
1/23/2019 - Ann K. Gramza Appointed as Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Juvenile Division
1/23/2019 - Franklin W. Gehres Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
1/22/2019 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Fatal Crash (Charley Strickland, III)
1/18/2019 - Three Sentenced for AT&T Store Robbery (Taevon Felton, Skyver Palmer, Danell Robinson)
1/17/2019 - Dayton Officer Cleared by Grand Jury in Shooting 
1/15/2019 - Dayton Teen Sentenced for Shooting Death (Bryant Lee)
1/14/2019 - Motion Filed to Transfer 16-Year-Old to Adult Court (William Jones)
1/3/2019 - Former Germantown Soccer Coach Sentenced for Sex Offenses (Justin Smith)