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12/31/2018 - Ms. Elizabeth McCormick Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
12/31/2018 - Former Germantown Soccer Coach Indicted in New Case (Justin K. Smith)
12/27/2018 - 128 Count Indictment for Investment Fraud Filed (John Gregory Schmidt)
12/21/2018 - Jail Corrections Officer Indicted (Franco Villella)
12/21/2018 - Grand Jury Returns No True Bill in Fatal Police Pursuit
12/20/2018 - Woman in Fatal Police Pursuit Found Guilty (Alyssa Irwin-Debraux)
12/20/2018 - Prosecutor Offers ArriveSafe Program over Christmas and New Year's Weekends
12/20/2018 - Karen B. Groseth Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
12/7/2018 - Dayton Teen Indicted for Murder (Jayland Redd)
12/3/2018 - Former Nurse Indicted for Theft of Drugs (Samantha Moyer)
11/29/2018 - Dayton Woman Sentenced for Harrison Township Shooting Death (Jessica Grieco)
11/27/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Manslaughter in Summit Square Shooting (Ralphiel Harris)
11/20/2018 - Prosecutor to Offer ArriveSafe for Thanksgiving
11/16/2018 - Ms. Patricia S. Riley Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
11/16/2018 - Security Guard Indicted for Murder (Steven Coleman)
11/9/2018 - Homeless Man Indicted for Murder (David Savage)
11/1/2018 - U.D. Student Indicted for Assault, Robbery (James Coyle) 
11/1/2018 - Two Adults Indicted for Cell Phone Store Robbery; Juvenile Released (James Jackson IV & Tamaurie Kinnie)
10/30/2018 - 19 Year Old Sentenced On Sexual Assault Charges (Zaren Wiesenborn)
10/24/2018 - Ohio Liquor Control Commission Denies Renewal of Club Plush's Liquor License
10/16/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fatal Crash (Charley Strickland, III)
10/11/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder of 17-Year-Old Ex-Girlfriend (Trendell Goodwin)
10/11/2018 - Motion Filed to Transfer 17-Year-Old to Adult Court (Larry Malcolm Sain)
10/11/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Double Fatal Shooting (Willie Henry, Jr.)
10/4/2018 - Centerville Man Indicted for Attempted Aggravated Murder (Ray Eades)
10/1/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Shooting Son (James Eason)
9/26/2018 - Dayton Man Receives Life Sentence for Five Oaks Shooting Death (Jeremy Harris)
9/12/2018 - Moraine Man Indicted for Disposing of Body (Gilbert Revere)
9/12/2018 - Former Phillipsburg Officer Sentenced for Sex Crimes (Justin Sanderson)
9/11/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Murder of Ex-Girlfriend (Keason Herron)
9/4/2018 - Chuckie Lee Sentenced to Life In Prison for Fatal Shooting (Chuckie Lee)
9/4/2018 - Darrion Oliver Indicted for Additional Sex Offenses (Darrion Oliver)
9/4/2018 - Elderly Huber Heights Man Indicted for Sex Acts with Minors (John Franz)
9/4/2018 - Mr. Collin B. Showe Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
8/31/2018 - Homeless Man Indicted for Fatal Arson Fire (Shawn Albertson)
8/31/2018 - Dayton Teen Indicted for Murder of Woman (Brandon Leigh)
8/29/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced to Maximum, Consecutive Sentence for Harrison Township Shooting (Shaun Hill)
8/29/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fleeing From Police (Alvin Thompson, Jr.)
8/29/2018 - Grand Jury Returns No True Bill in Shooting by Kettering Officer 
8/29/2018 - Former Phillipsburg Officer Found Guilty as Charged (Justin Sanderson)
8/28/2018 - Ms. Candace J. Crear Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
8/17/2018 - Third Co-Defendant Found Guilty in Fatal Shooting of Babysitter (Chuckie Lee)
8/16/2018 - Dayton Man Found Guilty in Harrison Township Shooting (Shaun Hill)
8/16/2018 - Major Drug Offender Sentenced to 11 years (Raphael Ojezua)
8/15/2018 - 19-Year-Old Indicted for Huber Heights Murder (Levi Lambert)
8/14/2018 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict Kettering Officer in Shooting
8/9/2018 - Grandmother Indicted for Theft, Fleeing, Child Endangering (Diona Murray)
8/9/2018 - Fifth Defendant Indicted in Marijuana Grow Operation (Luke Cochran)
8/3/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Rape, Kidnapping (Darrion Oliver)
8/1/2018 - Huber Heights Man Sentenced to Prison (Bruce Cameron)
7/31/2018 - Brookville Man Indicted for Stabbing Woman (Tyler Minton)
7/27/2018 - Dayton Teen Indicted for Huber Heights Murder (Tylin Watson)
7/26/2018 - Four Defendants Indicted for Marijuana Grow Operation (Billy Peyton, Michael Hoover, Travis Brunk, and Heather Peyton)
7/26/2018 - 62 Year Old Dayton Man Indicted for Child Pornography (Jeff McDonald)
7/25/2018 - Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck, Jr. Files Lawsuits Against Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors 
7/24/2018 - Prosecutor Files Writs of Mandamus in Supreme Court 
7/23/2018 - Dayton Teen Indicted for Murder of Elderly Victim (Markell Simpson)
7/12/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted on Additional Murder Counts After Second Victim Dies (Willie Henry, Jr.)
7/12/2018 - Ms. Lisa M. Bruder Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
7/11/2018 - Dayton Man Found Guilty as Charged for Fatal Shooting (Deonte Snowden)
7/6/2018 - Defendant Indicted for Additional Sex Offenses Committed While Released on OR Bond (Shawn Bailey)
7/2/2018 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Elder Patient Abuse (Dikki Crane)
7/2/2018 - Local Man Indicted on 25 Felony Counts (Dale Inman)
7/2/2018 - Passenger in Traffic Stop Indicted (Wayne Morgan)
6/29/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Shooting Two Victims, Killing One (Willie Henry, Jr.)
6/28/2018 - Defendant Indicted in Fatal Miami Township Shooting (Matthew Glass)
6/20/2018 - Father Indicted in Shooting Death of Two Year Old (Jamahl Evans)
6/20/2018 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict in Officer Involved Fatal Shooting
6/18/2018 - Harrison Township Man Indicted for Assaulting 8-Week-Old Son (Hopeton Taylor)
6/15/2018 - Co-Defendant Indicted for Murder During Robbery (Trenton Williams)
6/13/2018 - Charges Approved in Shooting Death of Two Year Old (Jamahl Evans & Zyaire Evans)
6/8/2018 - Two Indicted in Connection to Maryland Avenue Homicide (Joshua Beall & Casey Cole)
5/30/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Kidnapping, Robbery, Assaults (Demarco Wright)
5/29/2018 - Former Miamisburg Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Child Abuse (Jessica Langford)
5/24/2018 - Mr. Nathaniel Peterson Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
5/24/2018 - Defendant Sentenced for Kidnapping, Rape, Felonious Assault (James Cargle)
5/23/2018 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict Officer in Shooting
5/2/2018 - 28th Annual Violence Prevention Project Awards Ceremony Held 
5/1/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Murder of 2-Year-Old (Ryan St. John)
4/27/2018 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict in Fatal Shooting
4/27/2018 - Driver Indicted for Fatal Trotwood Traffic Crash (Johnnie Moore)
4/26/2018 - Driver Indicted for Fatal Traffic Crash (Merle Lunsford, II)
4/26/2018 - Bloomington, Illinois Man Sentenced for Fatal Crash (David Olsen)
4/24/2018 - 18 Year Old Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison (Keith Reid, Jr.)
4/18/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fatal Shooting (Lance Irvin)
4/18/2018 - Ms. Victoria L. Nilles Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
4/13/2018 - Former Miamisburg Teacher Guilty of Sex Crimes (Jessica Langford)
4/13/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fatal Shooting of Cousin (Dwayne Marshall)
4/12/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Manslaughter (Deron Martin)
4/6/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Shooting at Officers (Tahwin Herron)
4/5/2018 - 19 Year Old Indicted on Sexual Assault Charges (Zaren Wiesenborn)
4/5/2018 - Ms. Monica Turzynski-Perry Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
4/3/2018 - Second Defendant Sentenced in Fatal Shooting of Babysitter (Kara Parisi-King)
4/3/2018 - Prosecutor Recognizes April as Child Abuse Awareness Month 
4/2/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Crash While Fleeing From Police (Benjamin McDonald)
3/27/2018 - Grand Jury Votes Not To Indict Moraine Officers in Fatal Shooting
3/27/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Manslaughter (Taevian Harris)
3/26/2018 - Four Co-Defendants Found Guilty in Beating Assault (Kamil Abbasov, Izmir Koch, Murad Koch, & Sevil Shakmanov)
3/20/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Fatal Crash (Benny Jewett, IV)
3/16/2018 - Muhammad Ali Pleads Guilty in Triple Homicide (Muhammad Shabazz Ali)
3/13/2018 - Former Teacher Pleads Guilty on Sexual Assault Charges (Madeline Marx)
3/12/2018 - Parents of Baby Revived with Narcan Plead Guilty (Carmen Lovely & Andrew Roboulet)
3/9/2018 - Second Defendant Guilty in Fatal Shooting of Babysitter (Kara Parisi-King)
3/8/2018 - Second Man Sentenced in Brittany Russell Homicide (Brandon Carr)
3/8/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder During Robbery - (Trashune Young)
3/2/2018 - Second Person Indicted for Threats Toward Judge's Family (Marquan Cooper)
3/2/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fatal Arson (James Dennis, III)
3/1/2018 - Trotwood Man Sentenced for Shooting at Officers (William Gibson)
2/27/2018 - Convicted Rapist Sentenced to Life Without Parole (Randy Stanaford)
2/23/2018 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict Officer in Shooting of Juvenile 
2/22/2018 - Bloomington, Illinois Man Indicted in Fatal Crash (David Olsen)
2/21/2018 - Dayton Man Sentenced in Brittany Russell Homicide (Curtis Burdette)
2/20/2018 - Motion Filed to Transfer 17-Year-Old to Adult Court (Charles Ashford)
2/16/2018 - Charge Approved in Threats Toward Judge's Family (Marquan Cooper)
2/16/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted for Social Media Threats Toward Judge (Devin Wilson)
2/15/2018 - Additional Charges, Motions to Transfer Filed on Six Juveniles 
2/14/2018 - Second Defendant Sentenced for Murder, Robberies (Ryshon Steele)
2/13/2018 - County Takes Action Against Opioid Manufacturers & Distributors
2/12/2018 - JaMichael Howard Indicted for Shooting, Homicide (JaMichael Howard)
2/9/2018 - Fairborn Man Indicted for Huber Heights Cell Phone Store Robbery (Caleb Johnson)
2/9/2018 - Three Indicted for Armed Robbery in Butler Township (Jamal Gay, Tyvon Mansell, Ronald Stone)
2/9/2018 - Cincinnati Man Sentenced for Murder at Plush Gentlemen's Club (Demetrius Williams)
2/9/2018 - Formal Charges Approved in Threats on Judge (Devin Wilson)
2/6/2018 - Dayton Man Found Guilty in Homicide of Middletown Woman (Brandon Carr)
2/6/2018 - Dayton Man Indicted in Fatal Shooting and Shooting Nine Days Earlier (Kalvin Jones)
2/5/2018 - 19-Year-Old Convicted and Sentenced in Three Criminal Cases, Including the Shooting Death of 14-Year-Old Girl (Jason Tidwell)
2/5/2018 - Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dylan G. SMearcheck Assigned to Child Abuse Bureau
1/25/2018 - Second Defendant Also Guilty in Murder, Robbery Spree (Klone Snowden)
1/23/2018 - Michael J. Wood, Jr. Sentenced for Murder, Felonious Assault (Michael J. Wood, Jr.)
1/23/2018 - Verdict Reached in Federal Civil Lawsuit
1/18/2018 - Man Found Guilty in Hoover Avenue Shooting Death (Michael J. Wood, Jr.)