2016 Press Releases

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12/30/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted in Homicide (Frederick Williams)
12/29/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder (Joshua Verdell)
12/29/2016 - Former Kettering Police Detective Guilty (Ryan Meno)
12/22/2016 - Deputy Sheriff and Former FOP Lodge Treasurer Guilty of Grand Theft (Joseph Caito)
12/22/2016 - Motion Filed to Prosecute Dayton Teen for Murder as Adult (Quentin Brown)
12/22/2016 - Prosecutor Offers ArriveSafe Program Over Christmas and New Year's Holiday Weekends
12/21/2016 - Anthony D. Schoen Promoted to Criminal Trial Supervisor
12/20/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Shooting Death of Accomplice (Jamarko Walker, Jr.)
12/16/2016 - Franklin Man Sentenced for Fatal Traffic Crash (Thomas Leonard)
12/15/2016 - Englewood Woman Sentenced for Corrupting Another With Drugs (Elyssa Davis)
12/14/2016 - Former Juvenile Justice Center Worker Indicted for Sexual Battery (Megan Schroeder)
12/12/2016 - Former UD Coach Found Guilty of Aggravated Vehicular Homicide (Paul Ivkovich)
12/9/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Aggravated Murder in Double Homicide (Davion Lyons)
12/7/2016 - Six Area Men Indicted for Drug Trafficking Operation (Curtis Stargell, Darion Stargell, Travon Stargell, Christopher Furlow, Thomas Crawford and Travis Ware)
12/5/2016 - 26th Annual Homicide Victim Memorial Service 
12/5/2016 - Ms. Kristen T. Saxton Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
12/5/2016 - Dayton Woman Sentenced for Fatal Crash (Kyndra Shackelford)
12/2/2016 - Mother's Boyfriend Indicted for Causing Death of 6 Week Old (Sharon Hancock)
12/1/2016 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Fatal Traffic Crash (Deshon Ellison)
11/29/2016 - Homeless Man Sentenced for Killing Building Caretaker (Jason Shontee)
11/23/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Causing Three Traffic Crashes, One Fatality (Walter Shane Bradley)
11/23/2016 - Prosecutor Offers ArriveSafe Program Over Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
11/21/2016 - Trotwood Man Sentenced for Fatal Traffic Crash (Gregory Creech)
11/16/2016 - Riverside Man Sentenced for Brutal Rape of Elderly Woman (Jean Paul Mpanurwa)
11/16/2016 - Englewood Woman Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter (Elyssa Davis)
11/15/2016 - Charges Filed in Carjacking - Motion to Transfer Juvenile (Daron Bell)
11/9/2016 - Riverside Man Convicted of Rape of Elderly Woman (Jean Paul Mpanurwa)
11/9/2016 - Franklin Man Found Guilty in Fatal I-75 Crash (Thomas Leonard)
11/9/2016 - Trotwood Man Found Guilty in Fatal Traffic Crash With Bicyclist (Gregory Creech)
11/8/2016 - Homeless Man Guilty of Manslaughter of Building Caretaker (Jason Shontee)
11/4/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Shooting Death of Accomplice (Curtis McShann)
10/27/2016 - Dayton Woman Guilty for Fatal Crash (Kyndra Shackelford)
10/26/2016 - Charges Filed in Fatal Kettering Shooting (Kylen Gregory, Malik Harris, Jerry Tanner)
10/24/2016 - Harvey Jones Sentenced for Double Homicide
10/18/2016 - Trotwood Woman Guilty in Crash that Killed Two (Kiara Scales)
10/11/2016 - Englewood Massage Therapist Sentenced for Rape of Child (Dwight Gehring)
10/11/2016 - Mr. Tyson Dillon Appointed as Criminal Investigator 
10/7/2016 - Trotwood Man Indicted for Rape of Child (Alonzo Craft)
10/7/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for School Bus Stop Kidnapping, Rape of Child (Randy Stanaford)
9/30/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Kidnapping, Burglary, and Assault (Wesley A.M. Gates)
9/30/2016 - Dayton Man Charged With Rape (Alonzo Craft)
9/30/2016 - Charges Approved in Bus Stop Sexual Assault (Randy Stanaford)
9/19/2016 - Ms. Ann K. Gramza Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
9/16/2016 - Prosecutor Files Motion to Transfer Juveniles to Adult Court (Jaytavion Russell, Angelo Champion & Ronald Stone, Jr.)
9/15/2016 - Mr. Michael B. Wright Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
9/14/2016 - Mr. Michael Scarpelli Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
9/2/2016 - New Lebanon Man Sentenced for Child Rapes (Jonathan Boehme, Jr.)
9/2/2016 - Defendant Sentenced for Murder at Huber Heights Tavern (Michael Scott)
8/31/2016 - Additional 14 Indicted in Connection With Former City of Dayton Employee Christen Turner Theft of $385,000
8/31/2016 - Dayton Woman Convicted and Sentenced for 1987 Cold Case Homicide of Father (Linda Baccus)
8/29/2016 - Cable Technician Indicted for Gross Sexual Imposition (James Brown)
8/26/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Death of Foster Child (Torace Weaver)
8/25/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Republic Drive Homicide (Key'andre Danley)
8/23/2016 - Amended Complaint Filed in Triple Homicide (Muhammad Shabazz Ali)
8/22/2016 - Kelly D. Madzey Promoted to Supervising Attorney, Intake/Grand Jury
8/16/2016 - Couple Guilty as Charged in Moraine City Pawn Trial (Jeffrey & Lisa Rich)
8/16/2016 - Kettering Woman Indicted for Moraine Walmart Stabbing (Brenda Parker)
8/11/2016 - Springfield Man Sentenced for Vandalia Gun Shop Theft (Denard Smith)
8/8/2016 - West Carrollton Man Sentenced for Fatal Crash (Brent Barger)
8/8/2016 - Ms. Jessi Simpson Appointed as Criminal Investigator 
8/3/2016 - Former St. Peter Catholic Church Pastro Sentenced for Theft (Earl SImone)
7/29/2016 - Dayton Man Convicted for Two Cold Case Homicides (Marcus Henry)
7/28/2016 - Springfield Man Found Guilty of Gun Thefts from Vandalia Gun Shop (Denard Smith)
7/26/2016 - Prosecutor Files Motion to Transfer Three Juveniles to Adult Court (Jahmal Lewis, Brandon Ingram & David Crawford)
7/26/2016 - Defendant Found Guilty as Charged for Murder at Huber Heights Tavern (Michael Scott)
7/26/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Fatal Shooting on Leland Avenue (Waymon Jones, Jr.)
7/22/2016 - Three Women Indicted for Attempted Escape and Assault (Paden Collins, Ashley Curtner, and Nicole Lewis)
7/22/2016 - Prisoner Sentenced for Intimidation of Court Officials (Anthony Smith)
7/14/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for June 6th Fatal Shooting (Deonte Snowden)
7/11/2016 - Dayton Man Sentenced in Senseless Death (Michael Martin)
7/8/2016 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Fatal Shooting (Nina Davis)
7/7/2016 - West Carrollton Man Guilty in Fatal Crash (Brent Barger)
7/6/2016 - Mr. Kerry Smoot Appointed as Criminal Investigator
7/5/2016 - Ms. Kathryn Rettich Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
7/1/2016 - Suspect Not Indicted in Harrison Township Homicide (Antwone Valentine)
6/30/2016 - Prosecutor Offers ArriveSafe Program Over July 4th Holiday Weekend
6/27/2016 - Serial Robber Sentenced for Crime Spree (James Odum)
6/27/2016 - Huber Heights Man Sentenced to Life for Murder of 1 Year Old (Dionte Evans)
6/24/2016 - Rion D. Talley Promoted to Supervisor, Criminal Case Management Section
6/21/2016 - Homeless Man Indicted for Murder of Building Caretaker (Jason Shontee)
6/17/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Murder of Girlfriend in Moraine (Reginald Varner)
6/17/2016 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict in Police Shooting
6/17/2016 - Prisoner Guilty of Intimidation of Court Officials (Anthony Smith)
6/15/2016 - Dayton Man Convicted and Sentenced in Homicide (Dominique Mays)
6/14/2016 - Dayton Man Guilty in Shooting (Michael Martin)
6/14/2016 - Clayton Man Sentenced for Abduction, Shooting at Estranged Wife (James Deaton)
6/10/2016 - Open letter to the public - On Campus Sexual Assaults
6/9/2016 - 17 Year Old Indicted for Gun Thefts; To Be Tried as Adult (Adrian Taylor)
6/9/2016 - Tabaree Shabazz Sentenced for Girlfriend's Murder (Tabaree Thompson Shabazz)
6/9/2016 - Dayton Grandmother Sentenced for Fatal Dog Attack of Infant (Kimiko Hardy)
6/6/2016 - Miamisburg Man Indicted for Parking Lot Beating (Aaron Miller)
6/6/2016 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Striking Ex-Boyfriend With Vehicle (Lisa Gray)
6/6/2016 - Dayton Man Guilty in Shooting of Two Year Old (Nickolai Gray, Jr.)
6/1/2016 - Franklin Man Indicted for Fatal I-75 Crash (Thomas Leonard)
5/31/2016 - Troy Man Sentenced for Fatal Vandalia Crash (Scott Gray)
5/27/2016 - Former Executive Director of Lions Eye Bank Convicted for Theft of $671K; Judge Sentences to Probation (Angela Burnham)
5/27/2016 - Steven Espy Promoted to Director, Diversion Division
5/26/2016 - Huber Heights Man Found Guilty in Death of 1 Year Old (Dionte Evans)
5/25/2016 - Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced for Child Porn (Stephen Foy)
5/25/2016 - Trotwood Woman Indicted in Double Fatal Crash (Kiara Scales)
5/23/2016 - Dayton Man Found Guilty of Girlfriend's Murder (Tabaree Shabazz)
5/20/2016 - Pair Indicted for Human Sex Trafficking (Lesha Heard & Jermar White)
5/18/2016 - Clayton Man Found Guilty for Abduction, Shooting at Estranged Wife (James Deaton)
5/11/2016 - New Carlisle Man Indicted in Harrison Township Fatal Crash (Joshua Hackney)
5/10/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted in Second Cold Case Homicide (Markus Henry)
5/6/2016 - Mother Sentenced to Prison for Death of Child (Crystal Laurel)
5/6/2016 - Dayton Woman Found Guilty in Fatal Dog Attack (Kimiko Hardy)
5/4/2016 -  Man Sentenced for Huffman Avenue Murder (Avelardo Rosales)
5/2/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted in Fatal Shooting in Trotwood (Dshawn Lynch)
4/29/2016 - Court of Appeals Affirms Court's Ruling (Eugene Gall)
4/29/2016 - Court of Appeals Reverses Sentence (Joseph Fricke)
4/28/2016 - Man Guilty of Murdering Girlfriend's Unborn Child Sentenced (Tanner Hopkins)
4/28/2016 - Two Indicted in Shootout That Left Toddler Dead (Isaiah Smith & Shawn Smith)
4/28/2016 - Prison Chaplain Indicted for Sexual Battery (Kenneth Bozeman)
4/25/2016 - Man Indicted for Double Shooting in Harrison Township (Caleb Willis)
4/20/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Killing Ex-Girlfriend; Shooting Another Man (John Bailey)
4/15/2016 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Killing His Mother (Jamie Tuck)
4/15/2016 - Dayton Man Found Guilty and Sentenced in Toddler's Death (Justin Payne)
4/12/2016 - Mexican Citizen Convicted and Sentenced for Methamphetamine Possession (Eleazar Florez-Lopez)
4/11/2016 - Dayton Man Found Guilty and Sentenced in Decade Old Cold Case (Theodore Satterwhite)
4/11/2016 - Woman Pled and Sentenced for Theft from St. Albert the Great Church (Stacy Bowling)
4/7/2016 - Kettering Man Withdraws Not Guilty Plea; Admits Guilt in Aggravated Murder (Sean Sorrentino)
4/7/2016 - Man Found Guilty in Death of Girlfriend's Unborn Child (Tanner Hopkins)
4/5/2016 - Mr. Alex Hale Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 
4/4/2016 - Ms. Alice Peters Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
4/4/2016 - Mr. Benjamin Mazer Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
4/1/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Strangulation Death (Jerry Ramey, Jr.)
4/1/2016 - April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month 
3/31/2016 - Dustin Rybak Sentenced for Manslaughter in Death of 19-Month-Old (Dustin Rybak)
3/28/2016 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Fatal Crash (Kyndra Shackleford)
3/28/2016 - Englewood Woman Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter (Elyssa Davis)
3/25/2016 - Estranged Husband Indicted for Attempted Murder (James Lane)
3/22/2016 - Mr. Christopher Brzozowski Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
3/18/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for K-9 Club Homicide (Dale Glenn)
3/16/2016 - Prosecutor Offers ArriveSafe Program on St. Patrick's Day
3/14/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Brittany Russell Homicide (Curtis Burdette)
3/14/2016 - Five Inmates Indicted for Robbing and Beating Fellow Inmate (Dominic Brookins, Melchizedec Isreal-Miller, Colby Riddleberger, Michael Scott & Isaiah Smith)
3/11/2016 - Dustin Rybak Found Guilty in Death of 19-Month-Old (Dustin Rybak)
3/10/2016 - Former St. Peter Catholic Church Pastor Found Guilty of Theft (Earl Simone)
3/10/2016 - Illinois Man Convicted and Sentenced for Crystal Meth (Rene Nevarez-Reyes)
3/9/2016 - Brother Indicted for Fatal Shooting of Pastor (Daniel Schooler)
3/7/2016 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Murder in Strangulation Death (Ronald Winton, Jr.)
3/4/2016 - Charges Approved in Brittany Russell Homicide (Curtis Burdette)
3/1/2016 - Charges Approved in Fatal Shooting of Pastor (Daniel Schooler)
2/25/2016 - Two Dayton Adults Sentenced in Manslaughter Case (Harley Farrell & Darryl Ferguson)
2/25/2016 - Springfield Man Indicted for Gun Thefts (Denard Smith)
2/25/2016 - Dayton Man Sentenced in Murder Case (Phillip Tyra) 
2/24/2016 - Troy Man Indicted for Fatal Vandalia Crash (Scott Gray)
2/22/2016 - Andrew T. French Promoted to Chief of the Appellate Division 
2/12/2016 - Dayton Teen Guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter (Darryl Ferguson)
2/11/2016 - Trotwood Man Sentenced for Fatal Shooting (Jamar Howard)
2/5/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Sex Crimes Against Children (Eric Clark)
2/5/2016 - Four Co-Defendants Indicted for Cloned Credit Cards (Angel Rodriguez, Jose Renso, Ambar Delacruz & Jason Villegas)
2/3/2016 - Englewood Man Sentenced for Murder (John Cochran)
1/28/2016 - Parolee Indicted for Harrison Township Assault & Robbery (Marcus Miller)
1/28/2016 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict for Gun Possession (Shawn Smith)

1/21/2016 - Repeat Violent Offender Sentenced for Three Robberies (Anthony Edwards)
1/19/2016 - Dayton Woman Indicted for Theft from Church (Stacy Bowling)
1/15/2016 - Husband Sentenced to Prison for Shooting Wife (Mark Derrick)
1/14/2016 - Clayton Man Indicted for Shooting at Estranged Wife (James Deaton)
1/7/2016 - Dayton Man Indicted for Shooting at Vehicle and Striking 2 Year Old (Nickolai Gray)
1/6/2016 - Dayton Man Found Guilty in Fatal Shooting (Carlos Craig)