Victim Compensation

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The Ohio Victim Compensation Law was enacted to provide innocent victims of violent crime with compensation for loss of earnings or support and medical expenses due to crime-related injuries. PROPERTY LOSS IS NOT COVERED.

A claim can be filed by a victim of a violent crime, and in the case of death, by a dependent of the victim. Victims of drunk drivers may now also apply. The program is designed to pay expenses which are not covered by insurance or other benefits. You may use the money to pay:

  • Medical, medication and rehabilitation expenses;
  • Wages lost as a result of the crime;
  • Replacement service costs (the cost of services the victim can no longer perform);
  • Dependent's economic loss in death claims;
  • Funeral expenses; and/or
  • Psychological services.

You might be eligible if:

  • The crime occurred in Ohio or you are an Ohio resident and the crime occurred outside the state;
  • The crime was reported to law enforcement officials within 72 hours after it happened; and,
  • You cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

You must file within:

  • Two years after the crime occurred, if the victim was an adult; or
  • Two years after criminal charges are filed, if the victim was a juvenile.

The application may be filed through the clerk of your county common pleas court or the Ohio Court of Claims. You may seek legal assistance with the filling out and filing of the claim and the attorney's fees are paid by the State of Ohio. You do not pay for this service.

To learn more about the program or receive an application, please contact the Victim / Witness Division at (937) 225-5623, or the Ohio Attorney General Crime Victims Services section at 1-877-584-2846.