Work Along County Road Permit

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Work Along County Roads

Permit Information

(Contractor, Utility, Home Owner)

Montgomery County Engineer's Office
Operation's Division
5625 Little Richmond Road


Operations Division


o protect the County system of roadways, ensure safe operations, proper restoration of property, maintain existing drainage facilities and to safeguard the traveling public of Montgomery County Ohio.

When do I need a permit for Work along County Roads?

The permit is required for any construction or operation within the traveled lanes of a roadway or work that impacts the existing Public Right-Way adjacent to the roadways.  This includes utility excavations, lane closures for overhead work, ditch or drainage work and driveway construction.  If constructing a new driveway at a location where no drive existed, or if the use of a drive is altered (such as - resident to commerce) an “Access” Permit will be required before applying for a “Work” permit.

If you have questions regarding which roads are County, township or city call the above contact person. If the road you are working on is in another jurisdiction, you will need to contact those agencies for a permit.  The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office issues permits only for county routes.

Work along County Roads - Permit Application

For your convenience, the Work along County Road Permit Application is available for download. Print it out, complete the form, and mail, fax or email it back to:

Montgomery County Engineer’s Office - Operations Division
5625 Little Richmond Road
Dayton, Ohio 45426

There is no charge for permits.

All applications are reviewed and permits are issued provided the proposed work meets all County standards.  The proposed work shall be shown on engineer scaled plans clearly indicating the existing R/W and locations of proposed construction including the depths.  

Allow 14 days for processing of permit application.

Include a phone number for the person or company requesting the permit. Include certificate of insurance with the permit application.  If a resident or utility is hiring a contractor to do the work, the contractor’s information AND insurance certificate shall be included.