Special Hauling Permit Information

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Special Hauling Permit
(Oversize / Overweight Vehicles and Loads)

Montgomery County Engineer’s Office
451 West Third Street, PO Box 972,
Dayton, Ohio 45422-1260



David Shields, P.E.                 Mark Schaub
Bridge Engineer                   Bridge Inspector
937-496-6545                         937-225-4850


To safeguard the County system of roadways and roadway structures and contribute to the safe movement of highway traffic for vehicles/loads that exceed the statutory maximum legal weights and dimensions.

When do I need a Special Hauling Permit?

Sections 5577.04 and 5577.05 of the Ohio Revised Code specifies the maximum size and weight allowable that does NOT require an Ohio Special Hauling Permit. If you exceed any of those values AND you desire to travel on an Ohio State highway or a US highway or an Interstate highway in Ohio, you will need a Special Hauling Permit for the Ohio Department of Transportation. If you desire to travel on county routes, township routes, or city streets, contact those corresponding agencies.  The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office issues for county routes only.

Special Hauling Permit Application:

Special Hauling Permits give the County the opportunity to review overweight and oversized loads moving through Montgomery County. This ensures safe equipment and proper routing along the most appropriate roads in an effort to minimize potential damage to the roadway system.

Allow 3 business days for processing of permit application

For your convenience, a permit application form is available for download. Print it out, complete the form, and email it back to:HaulPermits

There is no charge for permits.All applications are reviewed and permits are issued provided the proposed work meets all County standards.

Include a phone number and email address for the company requesting the permit. Include certificate of insurance with permit application.

See special permission and special provisions instructions for limitations on use of permit. For special hauling permits with more than 7 axles use attachment sheet and attach a drawing of the vehicle

To assist in your routing, we have put together a webpage and map of our posted bridges. You can find the map, list of bridges, and more information here: Posted Bridge Load Limits.

Legal Load Permit Map

This Map shows the maximum allowable loads (carrying capacity) for County maintained bridges. For bridges on state routes or city streets, contact that agency individually.

Hauling Permit applications will be reviewed upon submittal to insure that the vehicle % Ohio Legal Load does not exceed the bridge's rated % Ohio Legal Load. Permits will not be issued allowing vehicles to cross posted bridges or bridges that are rated less than the vehicle's % Ohio Legal Load, unless a "Superload" application is completed and reviewed by the engineering staff.

Questions regarding Special Hauling permits and the map should be directed to the Montgomery County Engineer's Office.

Municipal Contacts for Permits
Current as of 6/1/2017

Municipality Webpage Contact Person Phone Number Permit Required Y/N Application Link Permit Fee
Brookville http://www.brookvilleohio.com   937.833.2135 No No  
Centerville http://www.centervilleohio.gov   937.433.7151 No No  
Clayton http://www.clayton.oh.us   937.836.3500 No No  
Dayton http://www.daytonohio.gov/357/Civil-Engineering Keith Steeber 937.333.3838 Yes No $30
Englewood http://www.englewood.oh.us   937.836.1732 No No  
Farmersville http://www.farmersville.us   937.696.2020 No No  
Germantown http://germantown.oh.us Kelly Novak 937.855.7255 Yes No $0
Huber Heights http://www.hhoh.org   937.233.1423 No No  
Kettering http://www.ketteringoh.org   937.296.2400 No No  
Miamisburg http://www.ci.miamisburg.oh.us Bob Stanley  937.847.6531 Yes No $0
Moraine http://www.ci.moraine.oh.us   937.535.1000 No No  
New Lebanon http://www.newlebanonoh.com   937.687.1213 No No  
Riverside http://riverside.oh.us   937.233.1801 No, if permit issued by county No  
Trotwood http://www.trotwood.org   937.837.1702 No No  
Union http://www.ci.union.oh.us   937.836.8624 No No  
Vandalia http://vandaliaohio.org Rob Crohn 937.898.5891 prefer courtesy call No  
West Carrollton https://www.westcarrollton.org   937.859.5181 No No