Posted Bridge Load Limits

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There are several bridges in Montgomery County that have posted load limits. Bridges not posted with a weight limit are rated at the maximum legal load limit as per the Ohio Revised Code.

Unfortunately, the condition of our bridges is deteriorating faster than we can replace them with our limited funding.  As a result, we have had to put load limit restrictions on some of the bridges in Montgomery County in order to keep them open to the traveling public until they can be replaced.  Therefore, there are some bridges that will affect the routes that your drivers use that you need to be aware of and request you route around them. 


This map shows the maximum allowable loads (carrying capacity) for County maintained bridges.  For bridges on state routes or city streets, contact that agency individually.

Posted Bridge Map

(Updated 2/2019)

Twp/City Route SLM Road over Feature Located 2 Axles 3 Axles 4 Axles 5 Axles 6+ Axles Semi
Jackson C0044 79 Dayton-Farmersville Rd 0.2 miles west of
15 ton 20 ton 21 ton 22 ton 22 ton 36 ton
Jefferson C0027 330 Germantown-Libery Rd 200 Ft South of Dayton Liberty Road  12 ton 12 ton 13 ton 15 ton 15 ton 21 ton
Perry C0230 345 Wolf Creek Pike Over Wolf Creek 0.5 miles west of
Diamond Mill Rd
15 ton 23 ton 27 ton 30 ton 30 ton 40 ton
Washington C0078 118 Alex Bell over
Holes Creek
200 Feet East of
Mad River Rd
15 ton 17 ton 18 ton 19 ton 20 ton 31 ton
Washington C0079 50 Mad River over
Holes Creek
375 Feet South of
Alex Bell
9 ton 9 ton 10 ton 10 ton 10 ton 17 ton
Washington T0143 240 Atchison Road over
Sugar Creek
0.3 Miles South of
Spring Valley Rd
15 ton 15 ton 16 ton 16 ton 16 ton 27 ton
Washington T0150 384 Lyons Road over
Holes Creek
0.1 Miles West of
Yankee Street
20 ton 20 ton 20 ton 20 ton 20 ton 20 ton
Dayton KEOWE 10 Keowee St over
Great Miami River
0.1 mile North of


Posted Bridge List available in PDF format

NOTE: This restricted bridge list/map is not static. As bridges are replaced or rehabilitated, the load limit restrictions may be removed or changed. Also, as existing bridges deteriorate or are damaged, load limit restrictions may have to be placed upon them. It is imperative that all users of this list/map make certain that they have the latest version. Montgomery County will make every effort to keep users informed of any changes but cannot accept responsibility or liability for any user not utilizing the latest version of these documents. In all cases, the weight limit signs posted at Montgomery County bridges shall take precedence over this table and map.

Montgomery County's bridge posting program seeks to make known the safe load carrying capacity of structures which cannot presently withstand the maximum legal load permitted on the highway. The sign restrictions meet federal bridge inspection standards and requirements. To minimize inconvenience and difficulty, truckers are urged to consult a map and this table in planning or predetermining available routes for a particular vehicle and load.


Here is a sample regular load reduction signs we use:

  Weight Limits   

 Basically, the current signs, that are required the State of Ohio, show silhouettes for the Ohio legal loads, which are
 essentially generic trucks (based on the number of axles) and represent the truck load configurations below. 

 Ie 2f is 2 axles, 3f is 3 axles, 4 f, is four axles, 5c is semis with five axles.

          Weight Limit 10 TONS   For some of the bridges, we have put an overall tonnage limit no matter the type and size of vehicle and
 they look like this.

Updated (11/9/2018)

SNF  Twp/City  Route  SLM  Road over Feature  Located   Emergency Vehicle Weight Limit 
  57603801   Dayton   PATTB   0008   Riverside/Patterson Bridge over
 Great Miami River
  0.4 miles North of E Third Street  Single Axle Tandem
 29 ton  40 ton

Legal Load Permit Map

This Map shows the maximum allowable loads (carrying capacity) for County maintained bridges. For bridges on state routes or city streets, contact that agency individually.

Hauling Permit applications will be reviewed upon submittal to ensure that the vehicle % Ohio Legal Load does not exceed the bridge's rated % Ohio Legal Load. Permits will not be issued allowing vehicles to cross-posted bridges or bridges that are rated less than the vehicle's % Ohio Legal Load unless a "Superload" application is completed and reviewed by the engineering staff.

Questions regarding Special Hauling permits and the map should be directed to the Montgomery County Engineer's Office. Additional information on Special Hauling permits can be found here.