Permit Applications

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The Montgomery County Engineer's Office (MCEO) requires permits for all work performed within a road's public right-of-way in order to maintain the integrity of the roadway system. Special Hauling Permits are also required for overweight/oversized vehicles. Permits are issued by the MCEO for the County road network. The following permit applications shall be used for residential and commercial purposes within Montgomery County, Ohio. There is no charge to obtain a permit.

Montgomery County Access Permit Application

Contact  |  Josselyn Burris  |  |  937-496-6510

Access permits provide access to the County and Township road system.  The permit is limited to defining the access location to properties and does not include work activity within the right-of-way.

Work Along County Roads/Utility Permit Application

Contact  |  Operations Division  |  937-837-2528

Work permits ensure that driveway work, other construction work, and all utilities, contractors, and owners perform work safely and according to County standards when working within the Public Right-of-Way.  This work includes facilities above and below pavements, ditches and existing drives.  Plans will be reviewed and approved by engineers to enforce these standards.

Special Hauling Permit Application Information

Contact  |  David Shields |  |  937-496-6545

Special Hauling Permits give the County the opportunity to review overweight and oversized loads moving through Montgomery County. This ensures safe equipment and proper routing along the most appropriate roads in an effort to minimize potential damage to the roadway system.

All applications are reviewed and permits are issued provided the proposed work meets all County standards.