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Please select the Type of Documents that you would like to retrieve. Currently, year data is available from 2000 – present. Document selections include Agendas, Resolutions and Minutes.
Some searches may take a minute. 

Resolution Search Help

The documents available through this application are weekly agendas, resolutions and minutes of Board of County Commission meetings. Data is available from 2000 - present. Resolution attachments from Tuesday meetings should be available on Thursday morning.

This search returns Board of County Commission resolution records for Montgomery County, Ohio. Resolution numbers that are underlined can be clicked to retrieve the imaged document that is attached to a Commission resolution. Resolution numbers that are not underlined will have to be requested through the Clerk of Commission Office at 225-6491.

Resolution Number: Enter the Resolution Number you would like to see. Format is yy-9999. YY is the 2 digit year, 9999 is the 4 digit resolution number. For example: 05-0105.

Department: Click on the drop down box for specific resolutions for a county department or select All to view all resolutions, regardless of department.

File Types: Click on the drop down box to select specific resolution categories. Examples include: Board Appointments, Inventory or Contracts. If you would like to view All, please select that value in the drop down box.

Description: Type any word you would like to search for. 

The search is not case sensitive, it will convert all type to upper case for you. Please be as specific as possible. There are millions of names to be searched. 

Resolution Date: Enter a specific Board of County Commission meeting date or select All for all records. The format is MM/DD/YYYY.