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June 19, 2012
Our Services, Taxes and Quality of Life

The MCOFuture Quiz:  Services and Taxes - Don Vermillion - Director of Public Projects, Fitz Center and the University of Dayton

This presentation/quiz looks at how things are with respect to our services, taxes and quality of life here.  What services are delivered by which entities, and how do those entities receive local taxes?  We looked at how services in Montgomery County are organized and delivered, and how we pay for them.  The services are:

Basic Infrastructure On Demand Quality of Life Safety Net
Trash Services Police/Fire/EMS Parks & Recreation Child Protection
Water Justice Services Libraries Mental Health
Sewer Zoning Public Education (K-12) Public Health
Roads     Homeless Shelters
      Developmental Disabilities


1. Do we need a full range of public services to have a strong community and economy?

2. How effective and efficient are our public services? How should the services be delivered? How should the services be paid for — by local taxes, a broader tax base or some of each?

3. Which is more important: Keeping local control of services in your community and working for efficiency, or seeking to control the costs of administration and delivery via shared services and economies of scale?

4. Which is more important: Sustaining public services even if it requires paying more taxes, or holding down taxes even if it means reducing public services? Or is there another solution?

5. What changes, if any, should be considered to sustain services and/or control taxes?

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Watch the video from MCOFuture Forum 3 - Courtesy of MVCC