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Montgomery County Commissioners launched MCOFuture in 2012.The goal was to identify the Dayton region’s most important challenges, and, based on rigorous research and extensive community input, put forward and support key initiatives to overcome those challenges.

The research identified four areas where we’re falling short, where our “average” performance is not good enough, and where better results would lead to a stronger future.

  1. Workforce education levels must increase. The vast majority of good jobs now require degrees and certificates attesting to marketable skills -- many more will in the future.
  2. We’re too dependent on a few industries. Small and mid-size businesses are driving job growth and new industries -- to succeed economically we must help them grow.
  3. People consistently called for more cost effective services. Building on EDGE, the Human Services Levy and other efforts, we must work together, save money and control taxes.
  4. As a region, we can't keep being timid about touting assets and advantages. Winning regions believe in their advantages and promote it with a powerful, unified message.

Through MCOFuture, the Montgomery County Commissioners established the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan.  Please take a moment to read about Montgomery County's path to success by clicking on the report below.

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