Justice Committee for the Montgomery County Jail
STATUTE:  Established by Res. 17-0530 approved by Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners on March 30, 2017 to serve as an Advisory Committee to the Montgomery County Commissioners and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.
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FUNCTION: A local, independent committee whose function is to review how jail policies and procedures are implemented to insure that best practices are used.

MEETINGS:  Will meet at least quarterly.

To be determined
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TERM LENGTH: Two years

COMPOSITION: The committee consists of nine members representing law enforcement, civil rights, religious groups, judiciary, academia and health care. The Sheriff serves as an ex-officio member.
Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Brown, Branford   03/31/2019   1
  Fox, David   03/31/2019   1
  LeRoy, Gary   03/31/2019   1
  Cook, Stephanie   03/31/2019   1
  Smerz, Carole   03/31/2019   1
  Barsky, Bernard   03/31/2019   1
  Plummer, Phil   03/31/2019   1
  Carter, Michael   03/31/2019   1
  Althouse, Kurt E.   03/31/2019   0
  Singer, Gregory   03/31/2019   1
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