Solid Waste Advisory Committee - SWAC
STATUTE:  Ohio Revised Code 343 in 1956; Montgomery County Res. 77-1158.
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FUNCTION: Advises on Solid Waste operations

MEETINGS:  Meets 4x annually, on the 3rd Wednesday, except August which meets 4th Wed. @ 3:30PM

Matt Hilliard, Interim Director of Environmental Services
1850 Spaulding Road
Dayton, OH 45432

TERM LENGTH: Two years

COMPOSITION: Ten members: one City of Dayton, one BCC, four Township Association, four Mayors and Managers Association
Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Dodge, Judy   Term of Office/Position  
  Mann, Roy   12/31/2022   2
  Godsey, Georgeann   12/31/2021   2
  Collins, Michelle   12/31/2022   2
  Compton, Brooks   12/31/2022   3
  Whaley, Nan   12/31/2021   4
  Mims, Jeffrey   12/31/2022   1
  Woolf, Steve   12/31/2022   4
  Allison, Elaine   12/31/2021   5
  Smiga, Gary   12/31/2021   1
* For purposes of this database, current expiration dates are updated for county commission appointees only