Weights & Measures

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"Weights and Measures may be ranked among the necessaries of life to every individual of human society."   -John Quincy Adams, 1821

The purpose of the Montgomery County Auditor's weights and measures program is to assure that equity prevails in the marketplace for both buyer and seller.  The Auditor's weights and measures officials inspect over 7,000 gas pumps, 2,200 scales, check over 4,500 packages and perform scanning tests on over 37,000 items at more than 530 retailers each year. 

All weights and measures inspectors are required by law to receive training and certification from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights and Measures.  Inspectors must pass a series of 20 lessons and 2 extensive exams, as well as attend 18 hours of continuing education class per year to maintain their certification.

scanning accuracy report detailing how retailers performed on recent pricing accuracy tests is now also available online.

scanning accuracy

Consumer Complaints

Weights and measures inspectors also rely on information from consumers to keep the marketplace fair.  Please don't hesitate to use the below links to report any problems you've encountered in the local marketplace.

Bad gas

consumer complaint